Is there any hard prove that Jesus was a real person?

Since faith isn’t proof, I think we can dispense with that idea. If I had faith the there was no jesus, that wouldn’t prove there had never been a historical jesus.

However, the fact that many people wrote accounts of jesus’ life not long after his reported death, even if those accounts were based on word of mouth tradition, would tend to make me believe that there was such a man at one time. Traditions often have some grain of truth to them and stories about heroic or signicant figures would tend to be based on some reality, such as the actual existence of the person at one time, even if the story changed or was embellished over time.

Yes. He lived and died and it was recorded in a book.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe if Jesus were real. Sometimes it’s hard to believe God. Sometimes it’s hard to believe the Bible. Sometimes it is hard to know what is the true meaning, especially when there are so many contradictory beliefs between denominations and religions.

The proof that Jesus lived is the eternal sin.

Decoding the eternal sin is the key to understanding and accepting the Bible.

Ask yourself:
Why will God forgive blasphemy of the Father and the Son, but blasphemy of the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven? What is the Holy Spirit? How do you separate the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son? Why can you doubt God and Jesus, but never doubt the Holy Spirit? Where is it?

You can always trust the truth within you.
God is not a belief. To know God is to be blessed.

From what I understand, so far, the only proof of his existance is written accounts that have been passed on, and Im not refering to the bible. I am speaking of actual books by scholars, historians, and such. Now, they are working on trying to prove it by following DNA trails. We shall see where that leads. I don’t find that it’s hard to accept that he was a real person. That is the easy part. I don’t even find it hard to accept that he made the lame walk, or the blind to see. I mean, if you go around telling everyone you are the son of god and then tell that cripple person that they are healed and will walk, then they will. The power of the mind is astounding.
Anyhow, I digress. There is no hard proof other than written accounts as of yet. But, rest assured, as long as we have the ability to test in new and inventive ways, we will eventually figure it out!

First of all the bible is proof, there are many things written in the bible that have been proven to be historically accurate so it seems safe to say that it is a historical record. Second there are other books that were not included as part of the bible that write about Jesus and not all of them are in Jesus’s favor, so why would people write negative things about a fictitious charachter? There is also secular writings like Josephus that mention Jesus. There is plenty of evidence of Jesus’s existance, it’s just not evidence that some people want to accept.

yes but not much proof he was a god
oh oh oh except that book

yes, there is. a hard prove would be a ‘thing” called faith!

Proof or “prove”?

And yes, there is.

Notice that they don’t offer any?

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