How long will Obama continue to blame Bush?

Don’t you think this is rather childish?
When will he start acting like an adult and take responsibility for his own actions?

Example- Obama bows to Saudi King. Response- Well Bush held his hand. Kids-because Bush held his hand it does not justify Obama’s worshiping. My parents had 4 boys.Say for example my parents called me for coming home late, passed curfew. I would say something like, Well Mark did too. To this my Dad would point out, What Mark did does not make it OK for Kork!

These kids in Washington need some parental supervision!
Mr. President take responsibility for your own actions. Bush’s failures do not justify your misdeeds.

until things are doing great (which wont happen under his watch ) or he gets booted out of office (which will still be bush’s fault) wait …he will never stop blaming him for the current screw ups .. he cant take responsibility for his own actions

Excuse me, Bush took a country with a 200 Billion dollar SURPLUS and brought it to a country with a 400 billion dollar deficit just within the first 5 years he was in office!!! He left the largest debt than ANY other president in history! On top of the fact that he RUINED US foreign relations with nearly the entire world, he knowingly lied so he could lead the US into a war the public would not have supported if they had been told the truth. He shredded the constitution of the US and many many many more horrific things that will take DECADES to repair.

This is a dumb story to try to compare it with.

Lets say Mark stayed out late an hour and a half drive from home drinking and getting high on drugs and then called you while you were on your way home to have you come pick him up. Then when your parents say why did you come home late you could say “because I had to go clean up the mess Mark made by getting high and screwing around so he was unable to drive himself home”

that would be a more accurate analogy.

Bush will always be at fault for the stuff he did. Just like Obama will always be at fault for the stuff he did. You don’t suddenly lose blame for something you’ve done as time passes. Once guilty…. always guilty.

“Example- Obama bows to Saudi King. Response- Well Bush held his hand. ”

That is not an example of ‘blaming Bush’ what is he being blamed for in that sentence? That fact is mentioned as a contrast to show how disingenuous your concerns are over Obama bowing.

No one is saying ‘Obama bowed BECAUSE Bush kissed him and shook his hand’. They are saying ‘Yeah Obama may have bowed’… but ‘Bush kissed him and shook his hand’.

It’s not blaming Bush for his actions but it’s saying ‘look strange reactions have always been a part of international relations.. one such example is Bush’.

So likewise, when the next president goes over to Sudi-Arabia and kisses the guys feet, it will be pointed out that: ‘remember Obama bowed to him’ just to put it in perspective. But this wouldn’t be blaming Obama for the current ‘foot kissing’. Get it?

Simple-as long as he thinks he can get away with it. I would say that, about a year into his presidency, Bush Derangement Syndrome will have died down enough that Bush’s popularity will increase.

Then, his pollsters will tell him that it’s no longer beneficial to keep blaming Bush. Of course, he may still do it if he has nothing more to fall back on, in which case the people will tire of his childishness and punish his party in the 2010 elections.

Well Bush held his hand. Kids-because Bush held his hand it does not justify Obama’s worshiping.
Was that response from Obama? No. See we here on Yahoo answers are actually not Barack Obama, who should follow the protocol of other nations while he visits them. See what you don’t understand is that in the adult world, we act professional even around people we may not agree with. The term for that is called maturity. The lack of maturity that you have is the reason that you will never amount to anything and your children will probably end up losers too if you are the closest thing to a role model in which they have.

Stop. Stop for a second. Think. Be intellectually honest.

Noone, and I repeat, NOONE from Obama to his administration has said “Well, Bush did it, so it is ok”. That is a fabrication.

Bush has been blamed for the economy and the failed war on terror and the crumbling of our infrastructure and our falling in world standing. With that in mind, who cares about a bow and a handshake?

But daddy Bush did it too. What a crock. Bush didn’t bad mouth our country to other Nations. What Obama needs is a Teleprompter full time, and someone to tell him what he can and can’t do. He is useless without these. When his teleprompter went down he turned into an uneducated idiot. And apparently without proper supervision he thinks he is some kind of superstar that can say whatever the hell he wants. This guy is off the chain, and not in a good way.


Imagine that bushbush had never existed, and Obama followed Clinton. Surplus cash,surplus jobs, no wars going on, no new hobo jungles, no bomb testing in Florida, no housing crisis. And probably, no FOX5 spin.

For the next four years. Obama’s policies will continue to fail, and Bush will be blamed at every opportunity.

Of course, whether the American people will be intelligent enough to vote this incompetent out in 2012 is anyone’s guess.

He will blame Bush and continue to do so because him and his administration aren’t doing such a good job as he promised during his campaign. These fascist idealogist and the media is so in love with him that he can do no wrong in thier eyes and that is wrong because he is running this country into bankruptcy.

Next he will say:

Global Warming = Bush fault.

Katrina = Bush fault.

North Korea Missile Launch = Bush fault.

Italian Earthquake = Bush fault

Poor Bush….

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