Why is raping a woman worst than raping a child?

people are always saying that men who rape women should get the worst punishment ever(like getting the penis cut off) but what about the female teachers who rape those boys who can’t defend themselve? What don’t they suggest the same punishment as a male rapist?

Raping a child is much worse. Doing any crime to a child is much worse. Even the prisoners don’t take that crap and will kill someone in jail for killing/raping a child.

Rape is bad period, no matter how young the victim is, haven said that i think its worse for a child to be raped, they have no understanding of sex or rape, they wont know whats happening to them, and they wont be able to defend themselves.
The rapist could also tell them to keep quit about and it and that its normal, and the child will probably grow up to believe this or rape themselves.

I think the reason why some people don’t suggest the same punishment because men are seen as stronger, and would be able to take it, and women are seen gentle, and weaker and you cant harm a women, no matter what, which is crap because there are violent women out there too.

I don’t think male rapists should get their penis cut of, they’llll just get another object to rape with, the punishment they (male and female rapists)should get is to be raped themselves and prison.

we don’t see that on the grounds that is far less everyday that it occurs to men than women (of those suggested this is.) it particularly is not socially appropriate for a guy to return out and say that he replace into raped by using a woman. To be further all the way down to an severe factor of vulnerability by using someone of lesser-privileged status could be extra embarrassing. human beings might desire to assert “You enable a woman try this to you?”, which may well be an insult to the sufferers sense of masculinity. additionally, commenting on previous solutions, men do not rape by using fact of extra intercourse force. Rape isn’t with regards to the intercourse, it particularly is approximately domination and capacity.

It is? I think it is worst to rape a child for the child may not know what is going on. A child has no way to defend him/herself. A child is part of the future.

People who abuse children sexually should be punished without regard to their gender. If they aren’t, blame the courts, not feminists. I have never seen, and you cannot produce, evidence that feminists lobby for lighter sentences for females convicted of a felony. And you know it. Debra LaFave’s (male) attorney argued that she was too pretty to spend much time in jail, and the (male) judge agreed. Perhaps male lawmakers should do more thinking with the Big Head.

Who the hell said that? That’s nnot true, raping a child is 100 times worse and I don’t know anyone who’d disagree.

raping a child is worse than a woman.

How able the victim is at dealing with the outcome of such a tragic event is a different matter. The act of committing such a crime is equally dreadful no matter who the victim is.

Like what? Cut off their clitoris? Who said raping a woman was worse than raping a child? Are you a boy that has been raped by your female teacher? What a sad situacion. I have another question…can boys or men actually be raped? I thought an erection was part of sex. and with that, don’t they want sex? So forgive me, but I think only men can rape…whether they rape boys or girls.

Those female teachers didn’t rape the boys. The boys did it willingly, of course.

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