Why is classical music haram?

I asked a question a few hours ago, but someone, for some reason reported my question. My question was just a simple one: Why is classical music haram in Islam? It is a simple question! It is not harassing or anything. I just want to know. I posted the question in the Ramadan question because it is connected to Islam and Ramadan! Some people report all question about Islam! Why? Not all of them are hateful!
Classical music (Beethoven, Liszt, Mozart, Wagner, Bizet, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and others) is not harmful, that is : it does not use harmful language, or it does not make people do crazy stuff. I understand that modern music is harmful (hip hop, r&amp:b, pop, disco, heavy metal, rock, reggae-ton, and others) because it promotes certain images and use extreme vulgar language. But there is nothing wrong with classical music.
And please do not report this question because there is nothing wrong with it and I am following the community guidelines.

Salam alaykum, hope you are well Inshallah 🙂

This place is filled with non-muslim trolls who like reporting muslims’ questions! -_-

As for your question, there are many differing views whether classical music is haram or not. The flute is definitely haram, and the drum/daff is definitely halal.

Music with bad words in them are haram, but Islamic nasheeds are halal.

Classical music can be used for those who have memory problems, anxiety, depression or difficulty concentrating, so in this case, it can be used like ‘music therapy’, hence in this case it is halal (many scholars have confirmed this).

As long as listening to music doesn’t take you away from God and you don’t waste your time with it, and use it for the above purposes, then good music is allowed.

I listen to classical music for therapeutic purposes – I love Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi the most, their music really helps me concentrate and stay calm! 🙂

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Salam alaykum!!

Is Classical Music Haram

Certain musical instruments are considered haram. And music is generally considered haram. Which is why the majority of Islamic nasheeds don’t have music, only the singing. The companions of the Prophet took this very seriously, to the point that one of the students of a companion covered his ears when he heard a farmer or herdsman (don’t remember which) whistling a tune. He then walked away till he was told they couldn’t hear the whistling anymore.

The music played distracts the person from reality and from remembering God, making them oblivious to even their surroundings. You’d know how people seem intoxicated when singing, dancing, or listening to music. They drown in it, forgetting the world and it’s realities.

I personally love Abdu-Raheem Green’s lecture on this and similar issues, titles “Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.”

Allah knows best…

But outside of very FEW things, can you say this is “halal” and “haraam”

There are legitimate opinions that say its haraam, in that it distracts you from the melody of the Quran and instead you are filled with the melodies of mankind. After all we all but finite containers.

There are also legitimate opinions which say its not haraam.

We are but ignorant people here, so we dont have the knowledge or the depth of understanding or the study time to really answer this matter in the definitive.

Be careful of those who say “definitely haraam” or “definitely halaal” – these are but weekend muftis with zero training and have NO legitimacy in making such definites, and should SHUDDER at giving such fatawas in public in the casual manner they do. Their faith is superfcial, and their fear of Allah is low.

For those who say its haraam, they should leave it, but they should NOT point fingers at people who claim its not.

Life is not only about right and wrong. We have short times on earth, so why should we waste it on things which distract us from our ultimate destiny.

The ears are a direct and powerful opening into the heart. So muslims should protect their ears, even moreso than the eyes…

Allah knows best 🙂

Music is not haram.

P.S. This Q/A will also get deleted. Why? Cuz it’s not about RAMADAN which is a holiday. These Q/A’s actually belong to Religion and spirit section but people asks Islam-related Q/A’s here anyway.

Usually the questions that require the person who is answering to use their brain…are the ones that are deleted. Almost as if only Islamic propeganda can be the only thing posted in this section (not to say talking about Islam is bad…its great….but when people challenge something…it is deleted.)

It’s not I’ve taken about Music and religion, every thing is permitted as long as it doesn’t inclde bad words curse words are sexual thoughts or anything else.. anything else is fine

Yeah some guys reports my questions too. I hate them

I dont think it is haram but this is my idea. During the time of Islam there were no classical music to be banned and some kind of instruments are allowed to be played during the weddings as far as I know.

In addition, Ottoman Empire used music to motivate its soldiers and scare enemy. they also used these kind of music to cure mentally ill people whereas westerns were killing these people accusing as witch..


What do you think? 😉

For Clearer understanding and example, here

Welcome Ramadan by Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tA6AKRgE… (Some part in English)

Any Muslim here dont know who Mishary Rashid Al-Afasy is? 😉

Use of stringed instruments

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