White Proud Americans should be supporting the white- Aryan countries like Iran instead Israel or not?

In Europe the white supremacists were against the jews, but in the USA is the opposite!
Same with the Neo-Cons, they are the opposite of the Old-Cons ( The Nazis)

Why don’t you just go and blow your brains out? You are breathing air WE could be breathing.

not one of the above. a generic American would desire to be wonderful. i might style of prefer to work out what a non-elite American would desire to do. seems we did extra valuable whilst the final Joe could make it to the White homestead rather of in simple terms an elite type. Definately a non-hypenated American nonetheless. i’m unwell of “particular” communities.

What’s all this “white proud” bull? I’m a proud AMERICAN and just happen to be white because of some genes, or a LACK of melanin or something. That doesn’t make me or you one damn bit better than any black AMERICAN or AMERICAN Jew who will stand alongside me and fight bigotry and terrorism.

Better straighten up your act, sonny boy.

Yes I think you are onto something. Probably has something to do with the Neo-Cons being a Jewish-run think-tank.

This is not a racist issue, as you would like to think. It’s a faulty analogy, as you suggested, so the issue is not racism.

In the USA everything is twisted

Whatever you say, Adolph.

Correct! Those whites anti whites are fake whites

You are all mixed up.

say no to racism!

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