Should Americans be ashamed they let themselfs be fooled by divisive non-issue politics again?

All of a sudden the Presidential race has become whether Sen. Obama’s preacher is racist or not.
What about our economy that’s heading down the toilet? What about our troops dying in Iraq?
What about Afghanistan?
What about Iran’s growing power?
What about Chinas growing influence and power?
What ever happened to fixing Social Security?
Do these things even matter anymore?

Once again the American public has been fooled by political slight of hand.

Sleight of hand and political campaigns are very cozy bedfellows. It’s easy to beguile a populace largely numbed to its present administration’s actions, especially when anaesthetised by convenience.

Yes, it’s easy to fall into the morass of inflammatory rhetoric and smear, and despite what a lot of people say, they LOVE the tabloid nature of a dirty campaign. To a lot of people in America right now, the Democratic nomination battle is the best reality show around.

I firmly believe that those who regurgitate non-issues on sites like this are not an accurate cross section of the American voting public. If they were, the combined polls would have Obama in a much worse place than he is. There are a lot of very intelligent and engaged people on both sides of the political divide who will vote for a candidate based on issues that matter, as opposed to blinds created out of fear. There’s not one Rep or Dem candidate who could ever support such an attack as the one on Obama lately. It would be immediately shot down. But it’s fine for staffers to leak info, and it’s fine for bloated idiot talkback radio blimps to spread their filth…but those guys are only preaching to the choir anyway.

The non-issues will keep appearing, and they’ll rile the easily riled…but don’t think for a second that ALL or even most Americans aren’t tuned in properly.

I appreciate the enlightenment of Obamas religious beliefs, his drug usage and his lack of explanation of change. Truth is not political slight of hand. This is more like political weed pulling.

Obama did this to himself my friend.

He started as a nobody in Chicago that only won his state senate seat by default when the other candidate dropped out who was beating him by 2/3rds of the vote.

Now he somehow has strategically moved to the front of the pack based on an empty rhetoric of “Change”

All this talk about his pastor is just way over the top for anyone to accept… like it or not. He could have left the church 20yrs ago or maybe even had a talk with his mentor like the speech he gave on Tuesday.

It still doesn’t change the fact that Obama supporters may have picked the wrong guy.

It’s just how I see it.

Well, whatever takes down the dems is a good thing for our country. I’m crossing my fingers for a brokered convention where the eventual nominee and the superdelegates pay the price for their votes at the polls.


S**t happens. It’s called an election. Candidates are scrutinized. If you don’t want to be scrutinized,don’t run.

I agree with you 100%. It is a market driven media and politicians who will say and do anything to gain and retain their power.

This is called an election. I want all the information I can get on a potential US President. Don’t you.

Character flaws determine a person’s true beliefs and morals.

All of these things matter, that’s why Obama’s lack of judgment is such a huge deal…..

The Politics of Fear…….again.


Obama brought it on himself. Did he think no one would look in his closet.

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