info about a Catalytic Converter on a mercedes benz?

today i was driving my Mercedes Benz E320 3.2.L V6 with over 100,000 miles on it and it had no problems. suddently i hear a raddaling noise coming from under the car, im assuming that its the Catalytic Converter because it wasent functioning right anyways and there isent any other known issues to the car.

im planning on removing the Catalytic Converter from the car, what are the good and bad things that it will do to my car.

thanks for the help!

It may just be the heat shields rattling, I would check that first. I would not remove the Cat. from the car, you did not say what year it is but a new after market Cat. is about $100 and to will be better for it. No check engine light on, better running and fuel mileage, Etc. Just check the heat shields and go from there.
I`ve got 170.000 on my Import with the original Cat. but a few heat shields have been removed, lol. no more rattles here.

If it is a sparkling automobile you have federal rules preserving you, even used automobiles have greater insurance on converters than the conventional guarantee time for the different areas. After industry converters are no longer stable and in case you have emission sorting out you may nonetheless fail to bypass. i could tell them you % your guarantee venerated or you will permit your criminal professional handle the mess. status in front of the broking on a hectic Saturday with a demonstration letting one and all understand they screw there consumers gets observed in case you opt to handle it your self!

A) the vehicle will run better if the computer system works without a converter.

B) you will never be able to trade the vehicle to a dealer without a converter

C) you will give Al Gore asthma

Check your exhaust pipe mounts. The rubber O rings that hold it to the undercarriage could be broke.

the easy way to see if the catalyst is loose in that case is to just bang it with your hand when it is cold. if you hear it rattle, then it is on its way out. the catalyst will disintegrate and block the flow of exhaust eventually.

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