How do i get over a guy without staying away from him?

Ok so i went out with this guy over the summer but we broke up because he was way too obsessive, but i never really got over him. we are best friends now and we seem to flirt a lot. my friends and his friends all think he likes me but im not sure and he says he doesnt like any1. i KNOW i like him. a lot. and i really regret breaking up with him. i was stupid. but if we went out again and broke up, im not sure if it would ruin our friendship. and im too nervous to tell him about how i feel for the same reason. i cant seem to stay away from him either. when we arent together we are texting non stop. please help! im so confused! thank you to any1 who answers

well, from experience i cant tell you this. It depends on what you want to do. You can either, A. be open and tell him how you feel about it, that would mean your taking the risk of maybe him rejecting you, another downside could be messing up the friendship. but if your friendship is really that important to him something like this wont mess it up…the upside is that maybe he feels the same. If you don’t want to be with him then break it off completely…you wont be able to get over him being his friend…trust me. hope this helped

If you’re texting non-stop and hes answering then he probably likes you. But I will be honest and admit there are guys out there who are all about the physical aspect of a relationship. But you probably know whether thats him or not. Personally, if I don’t like a girl I don’t bother answering her texts unless she’s really cool. So lets hope he likes you. Test your luck, ask him yourself.

look for someone else.

that way you could still be friends with that guy and not see him as someone more than just a friend.

Obsessiveness spells big trouble don’t buy into it.

to get over him yu have to a date other ppl,talk to other boys

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