HELP! My dog destroys the house when I leave ! ?

I have an 8 1/2 month old akita/husky/lab mix. He is a little angel when I am home . . except for the fact that he will follow me EVERYWHERE I go. BUT, as soon as I leave the house he goes into destroying mode. I can be gone for less than 20 minutes and when I come back, the front door paint is scraped off and the carpet is totally dug up. He doesn’t destroy the whole house, only the front door where I leave. I know this is probably separation anxiety. My problem is that when I try to crate him he goes crazy and won’t stop barking and trying to escape from his crate. I live in an apartment and do not want to get a noise complaint. Please help me with any ideas you might have ! ?

Well, he needs to be trained to accept the crate as an okay place to be so he doesn’t go crazy. If they are not trained to use it, of course they will misbehave in it. You need to make the crate a positive place to be…a safe place. I think that is a better alternative to him tearing the house up…that is not acceptable, especially because I’m sure you will pay hefty damage charges since it is an apartment.
Also, be sure when you leave you NEVER make a big deal of it…a lot of owners do that and that is themain contributor to dogs behaving in this way. Owner makes leaving seem like a big deal so the dog learns to think it is a big deal and that it’s ok to freak out over it. That may be a big problem. I really believe that most cases of separation anxiety are owner-caused and there is nothing wrong with the dog other than the owner anthropomorphizing it.
Another thing to think about is the breed mix of your dog is of 3 EXTREMELY high energy/high drive working type breeds. You don’t say what type of exercise schedule he is on. Dogs like this need a lot of stimulation and exercise or they WILL become destructive. A dog like that should be walked 2x a day and vigorously exercised every day. You should probably walk him with a doggie backpack to make his walks more tiring. And make sure he is walking obediently by your side, this provides mental as well as physical exercise and keeps you in pack leader status. Make sure he goes to obedience school, keep up his training/exercise, make sure he’s neutered, and don’t make a big deal out of leaving. If you can’t solve it on your own, talk to a trainer or a behaviorist to help you stop this problem before you are looking for a new home. Good luck.

Sounds like seperation anxiety to me… Did you ever use the crate as a sort of punishment before? if so that’s one good reason if not, one thing you may want to try is leaving him in the crate when you are home, like when you’re takeing a shower or when you’re doing some cleaning around the house but be sure he can see you so he knows it’s not BAD, I would also suggest some indestructibal toys like the KONG products and the puppy nylabones or the other non-edible ones these toys will keep him happy and show him that the crate is not a bad place! make it a happy place but don’t put toys with squeekers or stuffing in them or toys he could tear apart.

another suggestion would be put a blaket over the crate, not COMPLETELY covering it but covering most of the top and leaving room at teh bottem for air flow, and leave the TV or the radio on so he has something to listen to!

as he grow older, you’ll be able to leave him out of the crate… GOOD LUCK!

It’s good that you’ve tried crate training. Now, when he gets tired out, and is asleep (or close) get him into the crate (shouldn’t be to heavy yet) and he shouldn’t notice to much. This will get him used to the crate. Do you have a room that doesn’t have much to tear up, and with tile? Maybe your bathroom? (With toilet lid down) would work. No doubt it’s seperation anxiety. Some dogs don’t do well in crates. Maybe a bigger create. If it’s an open metal one, try a more closed in model, or putting a sheet over it. Try giving him a treat when he’s put in his crate, and when he barks tell him ‘no!’ and spray him with water (gently). Try getting him a Kong Toy. which is this kinda hard rubber thing you can fill with peanut butter that will distract him.

first thing you want to do is get the dog used to the crate.
do that while you are at home…toss treats in there…or special chewies…and make it so the only place the dog gets those treats is IN his crate. When he goes in…close the door..and stay where he can see you…gradually lengthen the time.

leave his crate door open while you’re home…so he has his own like…”happy place” to go to when he wants a quiet moment…

once you get that down…then you start going out the door while he’s in the crate…for like one minute…then returning…

practice that several times a day…

cause here’s the trick…once the dog gets the idea that when you leave, you come right back…you can begin to take advantage of the fact that dogs have no concept of time…

what you want to work towards is that teh dog is quiet while you leave…and you never want to return while he is barking…if he barks ad you rush in to stop him it reinforces the idea that he can “bark you back”, and you don’t want that…

I had the same problem with my mutt puppy. She’s good when we’re here, and awake, but she gets so crazy that she couldn’t even be crate trained: she would throw herself around in the crate and bang up the walls. She even pulled down the curtains and destroyed them. I was ready to get rid of her, and took her to the vet. The vet put her on Clomicalm for separation anxiety and now she’s an angel. I couldn’t believe how well it worked.

I used this technique w/ my dog & it worked great. Start by acting like you leaving is no big deal. Say “bye” then go outside and wait 5 mins before going back in. Greet your dog. Compliment his good behavior. Then say bye and leave for 10 mins. Continue this in 5 min increments until the barking and crying stop. Basically your showing your dog that your leaving isn’t permenant & he comes to realize that you will return. This may take a few sessions but it worked really good for my “cling-on” yorkie!

My dog had seperation anxiety when I adopted him. They told me I would have to bring him to classes and work very hard with him, but in the end it just took patience and time for my dog to realize I was always coming back. Your puppy is young and he may continue with the behavior as he grows older. You should probably bring him to a training class or you could always get him another dog to spend your time away with. The dog could be a smaller mix so you won’t have to worry about 2 big dogs in your apartment. Good luck.

Well i suggest you take him for a long energy losing run so that he is too tired to destroy thing when you leave.
You do that everytime you leave then put him in the crate he will be just fine i had that problem with my huskey but then i would take her rollerblading for 20 mins fast rollerblading and i never had that problem again.

if its a big enough crate tring lying in there with him wen hes tired w/ the door closed for a little bit each day to show him thers nothing to worry about

I have a toy poodle, who sits at my door, and howls when I leave. now I shut him up in the back bedroom. I also barricade the front door, and that has proved helpful.

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