Are Christians attacking atheists or are atheists attacking Christians?

I hear arguements from both sides claiming that they are being attacked by the other side. Which is it? Are both or neither possible true?

From my experience, both sides have at one time or another been equally arrogant and appalling. It would be nice if we all could embrace the idea that we can disagree without being disrespectful to one another.

Why are you capitilising the C for Christians, but not the A for Atheists?? lol

Both is true… we are both guilty of doing that in Y!A… ill stand up and admit it, im guilty of doing so… but ill never get vicious or nasty about it. I dont literally “attack”… i dislike all the Christians i have ever met, i have reason to doubt whether Christians on here are any different… there must be a few good in the whole Christian society… just wish i knew one personally…

Real Christians that actually follows the word of God knows that they shouldn’t do that, so they don’t. Lukewarm Christians that say they’re actual Christians sin and does sinful deeds. Attacking and being rude is not what a Christian should do because Christ says to be like Him.

There is a fair bit of attacking from both sides.


They are both equally guilty, they are both certain that they are correct and defend their be;ief dogmatically. While not being certain of anything, I tend towards atheism.

I attack christians at times when their answers are ridiculous

I am a Christian and I have seen both attack each other.

Like crying children… I hear pathetic whimpering from both sides of the fence…

On Y!A, It is happening on both sides.

Intelligent Christians and intelligent Atheists don’t have to attack anybody. They have discussions.

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