Can someone living in my apartment complex some how tow my car even if the spaces are first come first serve?

I just moved in to my apartments and a person left a note on my car saying it s his parking space for the last 12 years, but the manager said it s first come first serve basis. I m worried he can tow my car and lie, saying it s his car or it s his space to the towing company. Is there a way towing companies prevent this type of thing? I live in Sacramento, CA. Thanks.

You need to notify the leasing office. Im pretty sure in order to tow a vehicle the management office would have to be notified, so you should be good. Leave a note on his car saying that they are first come first serve…

The only people that can legally have you car towed are 1.) PD and 2.) the Apartment complex management, but you have to be either wrongly parked, abandoned, or a safety/security hazard. The apartment complex is “private” property not public…the PD are limited only to respond to the owner’s (Apartment Complex) complaints. Said neighbor can call a towing company, but he has no rights to have it towed. Can it happen? Sure. But you will have a case against your neighbor and the towing company, but only after you pay to get your car first.

It’s not your fault the spot is convenient to you the same as it is to him. He’s had it for 12 years, so maybe it’s someone else’s turn?

And like the other’s said, if he does tow you somehow, you have a great case against him. But really, any towing company would probably check with the manager and confirm the spot is his before they tow you. They wanna cover their behinds too.

well if he does tow your car, you could always file a law suit against him, using the manager as a rep. But i think the most polite thing to do is talk to the manager about it, and maybe you and the manager could confront the other person. it should work out

i dont know if he could get it towed but hopefully he’ll figure out how to do it legally.i’m on his side. you should just give the guy his parking space just for gp. how would you feel if some prick that just moved in started parking in your space even after you’ve talked to him. so what the spaces are first come first serve. have some manners!

If he has the car towed, kick his *** and have him arrested for car theft.the space must be registered to him or it’s free to anyone that wants to use it.

He can’t do that. He’d have to have a piece of paper saying he is assigned to spot number blah blah blah. They’re probably not even numbered are they? This guy is just trying to be a douche bag.

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