Will Russia or China defend Iran as both get a lot of oil from Iran ?

Russia has been selling military goods to Iran – A billion dollars worh or so over the past couple of years Iran has apprently had some trouble paying thisThere is a pipline from Iran to Russia (see – the CIA world fact book for what they import vs export) China is also buying oil from Iran * China owns the majority of the US debt – having a major oil supply cut off due to bombing by the US who increaselingly they see as a dead beat who can’t pay off it’s debts – is not going to fare well A lot of people said that England would not defend Poland Why should I not believe given the warnings of catastophe from both Russia and China should I not believe they will denfend Iran who supplies oil to both ecomomies ? Is the US government thinking they can take on Iran the Russian’s and the Chinese ?Beat the Chinese and the debt os gone Beat the Russians and the middle east is solely the property of the US and take out Iran so as to effectively rule the world ?


No the Russians and the Chinese would not come to the aid of the Iranians. They may help if something happens to get some of the oil fields for themselves. The fact is that an Islamic government in Iran and especially one with nuclear weapons would be a threat to Russia and they have problems with the Muslims within their border. The Russians actually export oil but the oil fields are in areas that are heavily Muslim and they have been concerned about the exportation of the Islamic Jihad into their population. The oil they import from Ian is payment for the weapons they are selling them-the Iranians cannot pay in hard currency so they trade. The Chinese will get oil from one source or another; they do not really care what the government is. Both countries sit on the Security Council of the UN with veto power and can stop UN action if they really want to; by abstaining they get points with the Middle Eastern countries and can complain about it later-the best of both worlds. Neither country will come to the aid of Iran because it is not in there interest to do so. I have heard no warnings of diasaster from either country to the degree you seem toand have not heard any threat that n attack upon Iran would be considered an attack on their soil-hyperbole is not an effective arguement. As for England not helping Poland-the only person who believed that was Hitler, even his military felt that it would cause the war it caused.

Neither Russia nor China will defend Iran by joining Iranian military against the US. God forbid if they do as it will spell the end of the US for good.. In the vent if the US will take over or will blow up Iran oil pumps that will reduce or destroy the oil out put than we will have Chinese restaurant on each and every corner of the US streets.

Doubtful Russia even has the capability to anymore. Their entire military is a rust bucket being run with IOU’s. And China maybe, but they have alot invested in becoming dominant in the world market. Russia and China know the oil is gonna run out in the next few decades anyway, so even if America were to attack Iran and win (doubtful on both points), the advantage gained would be very short lived, as we be too stretched out both militarily and economically to compete with China financially in 20 years. If anything, China is hoping we do. We’d end up screwing ourselves like the USSR did in Afghanistan…

Russia & China both have ample supplies of untapped oil. The only reason they are trying to squeeze us out of the oil in the middle east is because they know that we are not as well supplied as they are, so they are trying to push our buttons over oil. The U.S. does not want to fight Iran for anything, including it’s oil; although it does have more oil than most of the other countries around it. Iran hates us & would rather not sell anything to us, they would rather keep it in the ground or under-sell it to either Russia or China.

Russia, is a major exporter of oil, not importer. China greatly relies on Russian oil and Iranian oil. http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/topworl…

About Russia defending Iran, Russia will not defend Iran. And China couldn’t defend Iran if it wanted to. China doesn’t have much of a navy but it does own a lot of missiles it points at its neighbors, our troops, and our friends.

Iran has two nuclear programs. One deals with nuclear reactors (Russia helps) and the other deals with bomb making(China helps).

Russia doesnt want an Iranian nuke going off in Russia. Chechen rebels are connected to Al-Qaida. Iran is famous for giving weapons to terrorists. They currently supply bombs to Iraq insurgents to kill Americans.

The Russia-Iran nuclear reactor contract requires Russian control of all uranium entering and exiting reactors in Iran. Also, the Russian reactors sold to Iran are LW reactors. LW reactors are extremely difficult to use to make nuclear weapons.

I don’t believe that Russia or China would openly aid Iran in military operations. They might fund them with weapons and money but the loss of face would be too much.

The U.S. isn’t going to enter a war with Iran unless Iran creates a nuclear weapon. If Iran does that it won’t just be the United States.. Russia and China will not be happy and NATO will have hay day with their bombers.

of course CIA is in on the rigged election in Iran,they’re the espionage masters.i myself call them by employing the acronym I made for them TEM,after the latter fact.anyhow,i think of the UN must be in on the N.Korea nuclear tests/threats.incredibly untrustworthy organization there.I in lots of situations denounce conspiracy theories and consider people who arise with a conspiracy to each thing as paranoid,yet that’s little question considered one of the few as nicely the NWO that looks logical. I say it factors to somewhat some collaboration. shop your eye on those countries,it is all i will assert for now.

Russia has gigantic oil and natural gas reserves. They are getting rich off of SUV-driving soccer moms who drive up the world price of oil. If you don’t want to make Russia/Iran/Venezuela/Saudi Arabia/etc. stronger, use less oil. Simple as that.

Actually Russia is siding with the US in regards to Iran and their nuclear capabilities. China isn’t going to screw us over, their economy depends too much on our economy.

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