Will dumb sequester cuts trump smart sequester cuts?

President Barack Obama wants the cuts to be as painful as possible. If he indeed is the one who will be responsible for the cutting, they will more than likely be incredibly dumb. This game of Russian roulette may be what will finally wake up the mainstream media & the low-information crowd.

Obama and his cabinet will deliberately use the “dumbest” cuts possible to score political points.

Put the TSA and air traffic controllers on a work-slow down and try to scare the begeebies out of Mr. and Mrs. J.Q. Public instead of cutting some national park’s outrageous budget, etc, etc…

They’ve already threatened the most asinine and “scary” cuts imaginable, so why wouldn’t they carry out those threats? Deny money to local schools while continuing to fund studies of monkey sex.

There’s nothing “dumb” about it, either. It’s all very deliberate, planned, and cynical. Any American who buys into Obama’s execution and handling of the sequester is an ignorant fool.

This is the old smart/dumb question put the other way. As has been pointed out ‘ ..the origins are esoteric and convoluted, the “sequester” is shrouded in a degree of Washington policy mystique.’
The economist Fiscal Cliff has forecast that cuts in defence spending must go ahead and if that means fighting future wars with bows and arrows, well- it has been done before (See Agincourt).
Washington’s ineptitude at decision-making forced budget sequestration into existence as an enforcement mechanism to make Congress and the White House agree to a package that would reduce the deficit. So why are we still talking about it? Fiscal Cliff again ‘Anyone fancy a hamburger?’

Congress gave him the prospect to %. out the cuts to the sequester. They wrote 2 possibilities to it. Lew and Nabors, larger united statesinside the Obama administration, wrote the sequester. there is incredibly no rationalization for the soreness being inflicted on the regularly occurring public. This replaced right into a 2% decrease from a 6% boost. he’s utilising the electorate as political pawns to get his tax hike. He already have been given his tax hike. He wastes greater funds than any president in our historic previous. No tax hike without some severe reforms.

There are no dumb or smart sequester cuts.

By definition it is general or random.

If I had my way I would start by laying of the asshats in Congress that came up with this dumbass idea in the first place.

First, IT IS NOT A CUT!!! It is simply not allowing an INCREASE of 2.5% spread out over the next TEN YEARS!!! It is all about increasing “revenue” (taxes to the real folk) to the democrats, and not increasing taxes for the republicans.

Second, If the federal government can’t live without 2% more spread out over ten years, then it is too darn big already.

Probably. Republicans would rather have the economic damage that dumb cuts will create and try pin the blame on Obama than actually do something smart for our country and risk making Obama look good.

The Key word is CUTS here.

Between the 2 parties, how can we expect anything less. And to those saying only one party, stop being stupid.

Well, this IS the government we’re talking about here, right? roflmao

Does a bear **** in the woods?

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