Why is the President of the United States of America supporting Terrorism in Syria?

You think that Obama funded the Rebels in Syria, you are mistaken
The U.S. administration is capable of doing anything
Syrian Rebelsa asked for weapons to end the war and end Suffering of the people from worst regime in history
The U.S. administration see the killings carried out by al-Assad against innocent people in Syria by every weapon Assad have
U.S. administration also know that Assad was a good friend to Israel’s ally because Bashar al-Assad has never strikeIsrael despite the attacks carried out by Israel on Syrian territory
Therefore, the U.S. administration worried about the next in Syria US noticed how the rebels in Syria to defend themselves only by pistols and machine guns and anti-tank

Obama is just give empty talk
Obama is not given any weapon to rebels he is enjoing watching the( al-assad regime .Hezbollah and Iran )killing Syrian people from all kind of weapon and air craft
rebels and people fighting for there freedom and to defend there country children and women fighting for honer
al-nusra is helping the free syrian army
maybe al-nusra coming from al-qaida but there are helping us

i think of your thought is stable, if idealistic. no longer procuring Saudi Oil is an capability difficulty. we would choose an option source of capability. Nuclear is the only one that looks possible (economically adequate). image voltaic, Wind, Hydro all have barriers of geology and are costly. shall we construct image voltaic Breeder capability flowers in the Sahara in Africa like the jap intend to do. this would contain changing the community sand into Silicon and then into image voltaic cells all from an identical area. No exterior components would be required. the finished equipment would be self conserving. Given adequate time the “image voltaic Breeding” would replace into automatic until the international’s capability desires are exceeded. this would be geographically on the fringe of Saudi Arabia. As great a factor the image voltaic Breeder would be do you think of Saudi Arabia attack the image voltaic Breeder’s out of envy that we weren’t procuring their oil, or would they be over joyed to have affordable and ample electrical energy? Saudi Arabia isn’t a unit as you seem to have faith, purely because of the fact the USA isn’t a unit. There are gamers that act interior of international places independently of the rustic. In any united states of america you have human beings on the two facets of any argument. the residing house of Saud is become self sufficient from Al-Qaeda. that’s complicated. the USA and Saudi Arabia are allies, and have stable family members. Bin encumbered is a insurrection of Saudi Arabia, he replace right into a family members member so regardless of if he’s a gangster his cousins nonetheless cope with him as a family members member and supply him presents. that’s the Psychology of the area. What says that Russia would get alongside with us? Russia is genuinely on the fringe of a Mafia run united states of america (if Wikileaks is to be believed). Russia is debatable purely as unpredictable and helpful as Al-Qaeda in case you circulate them. yet for now i think of US and the Russian Mafia are non-opposed.

in reality, you’re a terrorist spreading lies about the president of the united states.

and you probably think you’re a patriot

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