why is &quot:feminism&quot: considered a BAD thing?

feminism means equal rights for both genders. that’s a good thing right?

then why do i hear people bashing feminists and calling them crazy and radical and lesbian? i even hear girls do that.

anyone care to explain this to me? thanksss

I agree with your first bit :- “feminism means “equal rights for both genders”. If that were true you would never have ever had an argument from me – let alone the absolute determination that feminism will not triumph over me and mine.

Man, including myself have been over and over the DIRECT and REAL impact of what I now call Faux Feminism, which is the feminism you have when you’re not having feminism, and is the feminism you have that demands supremacy and privilege for women and NOT equality.

The sort of rampant insanity espoused by your radical backyard feminist like Harriet Harman in the UK, the lunatics who run around at government expense to attend meetings of radical lesbians who want to reduce the percentage of men to 10%, the types who claim that men cause all the ills in the world, including that somehow the guy down the street is responsible for someone in Faroffistan beating his wife; and so on – and then use that to justify assaulting men in every way.

All of this is nothing but nonsense to retain the privileges that stupid and short-sighted government has given women in order to get them into the workforce, and under the guise of ‘making them equal’ by giving them more and more control.

If you don’t see that yet – stick around. You will!

People say that because that is the absolute truth.

Feminism lies about what its goals are, and the stated ones do not correspond with all of the evil feminists have done– that is why.

Asking why feminism is considered a bad thing, is perfectly analogous to asking why Nazism was bad, or why do people think Pol Pot was a bad man… This is not hyperbole, but the cold, stark reality. While ideologues do not like the truth of their hate movement to be known, there are many people who will make sure the truth gets out.

edit: Ah OK, I’ll try to help, but I’m getting tired of this place for the time being.

VAWA– it breaches the Bill of Rights on many accounts; specifically the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and the 14th Amendment clauses of equal protection and the right to due process. Part of VAWA was already found Unconstitutional on the grounds of breaching the 14th Amendment commerce clause. It is also discriminatory against blacks.


Feminist lawyers of NOW wrote VAWA and forced it through congress with a lying scare campaign against men, and that sissy fГҐggot, Joe Biden, then slipped it through congress in the commotion without anyone reading it. Note that the she-male Joe Biden is now vice-president.

Feminists have also dismantled much of our formerly fair justice system with their hateful machinations against men and boys:


No fault divorces have devastated marriage and the family:


Child support laws, also forced on us by feminists by bullying the GOP and Ronald Reagan. Sorry I don’t have a link for this as the information comes from a book.

There are many other issues and evil things feminists have done, but I don’t have time to document them all for you.

Feminism doesn’t really mean that, that’s just the politically correct bullshit definition they gave it so people would feel pressured into supporting them. I still remember when I was in ninth grade and my teacher said “A feminist just means someone who believes men and women are equal. So with that definition in mind, who here is a feminist?” I was still too whipped at that age not to raise my hand, but one of the boys in my class didn’t raise him and the teacher immediately singled him out. Interestingly, some of the girls didn’t raise their hands either.

First, if feminism was the belief that men and women are equal, then “female” wouldn’t be the root word, would it? Second, I think it should be simple common sense that anytime a group claims to be about equality yet only fights for one particular group of people, that’s a recipe for disaster. That hasn’t been successful for the gender war, and I wouldn’t expect it to be successful for race, sexuality, etc.

If not taken to fanatical extremes like any potentially good ideology/movement, then feminism IS a good thing. Perhaps some feel that equal rights are a “bad thing” because it then does not mean one gender is receiving unearned economic, social, and political privilege. It means a level (or at least, somewhat more level) playing field. I think a lot of people are against affirmative action for minorities and women, for the exact same reason. It removes unearned privilege. Sadly, much of the history of this country has encompassed unearned and unfair privilege for a certain race and gender and now, in the face of society moving further and further away from such a socio-economic environment, there are people who resist, aggressively.

You lie.

Feminism was never about “both genders”

It is about women and girls only. In the old days it was about cloning laws men already had for women, this is equality for women.

However today it is not for equality it is resulting in hostility to men and spreads prejudices toward men and masculinity. Women are exceeding equality in many areas but feminists call this Equality.

You look at negativity against men and boys in the media and tv and look how boys are falling behind in education and feminists are celebrating this gap reversal. It’s supposed to be about getting rid of sexism against women but in fact sexism is just reversing. Women get away with bad things today because of feminism playing down women’s sexism as “well men had it good for centuries it’s about time they got it back”. Sexism against women should be disappearing and for men iot should be staying the same, but it’s not it is just reversing.

Feminism is today, sexist. End of.

Just a few questions.
Wouldn’t equal rights for all be “Equality”?
Why would a word for equal rights for both genders start with a prefix specifying one gender?
I think it’s bad for the same reason misogyny is bad.
For the same reason alcoholism is bad.
Overeating is bad.
Gambling addiction is bad….
They started out trying to fix inequality, and became a force for inequality themselves.
It became more about defeating the enemy (males) than correcting inequalities.
In short they took it to excess….
just an opinion….

i’d evaluate being categorized undesirable, confident. that’s why i became the Queen of the outsiders. those people that would have chosen a ‘clique’ yet chosen to no longer, and standard others for who they have been, so we maximum in many circumstances spent time with those kept away from via the ‘preps’, ‘goths’, ‘skaters’, and ‘cowboys’. I went to an fantastically great intense college.

youre totally right, theres nothing wrong with it, and those people who are commenting saying stuff about how feminism is a failure and women were treated amazingly in history, is one of the funniest things ive heard in a while, but also the most depressing. i used this answer in a different question but i think its relevant, so bear with me, even though its long..

the main goal of feminism, is to encourage the men who think women are there to be sexy and beautiful and perfect in every way, to realise that this is unfair, and is certainly not the case.

its aim isnt to force respect although some radical feminists may do this but that doesnt mean that feminism as a whole, shares this hypocritical perspective. with any radical movement that isnt understood outright, you get extremists. For example, when the civil rights movement came along, you had great leaders of the movement such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Angela Davis. Extremists within the black panther movement attrcted mainly negative attention, and so the cycle of discrimination continued because the wider public believed that they were promoting hate instead of equality. Malcolm X never stated that white people were bad and the root of all evil, but he did point out that they were part of a problem, and until they realise that problem, nothing would be changed.
Similarly, the gay rights movement had Harvey Milk, a great man who was killed by a man who thought that gay rights movement was too agressive, and ‘in your face’ to the general public. this of course, wasnt the case. sometimes to get progress you have to be in peoples faces, letting them know that something’s wrong.
now, back to feminism. today we have mainly two kinds of feminism – ‘post feminism’ and the more traditional yet modern feminism that great writers such as ariel levy is a part of. post feminism teaches women that they can be pole dancers, strippers, and go to strip clubs in order to be liberated, becuase to them, liberation is doing exactly what men want. they believe that porn is not harmful, that it is liberating, and theres nothing wrong with the beauty standards of days society.
the reason why this is more socially acceptable is because it is the ideal situation for most (not all) men today – for women to be okay with strip clubs and porn, and impossible beauty standards.
the feminism that i and many scholars consider the true feminism, and not merely a new kind of pseudo feminism, teaches that this is wrong, women are not there to be abused and told how to look, how to feel, how to act – they are people, and dont need fake breasts and a stack of porn to be attractive, or ‘womanly’, just like a guy doesnt need to watch porn or be agressive to be ‘manly’ or attractive either.
it is not about hating men, it is about engaging with those men who dont practice these harmful behaviours and protesting against the behaviours of those who promote sexism.

feminism is no longer about the right to vote, or equal pay – although that is still a relevant issue – it is about our society and media, how it makes women look and feel, and the enormous amount of pressure thats put upon us. it is simply ignorant to say that a woman is not effected by seeing every tv set, billboard and magazine telling them what guys get turned on by, or which woman is ‘hottest’ or what women should look like. its just ignorant.

Philosophically, definitively, feminism is not a bad thing at all.

It is the perversion of the same by some, which generates so much antipathy and strife.

50+ years of lies, hypocrisy, and misandry.

Once you actually look at what feminism does instead of going by what the text-book tells you, any sane person can see that feminism is, without a doubt, a very bad thing.

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