Why do liberals think anyone who opposes Obama is a republican, tea partier, conservative?

Like Glen Beck, he is a libertarian, not a republican and yet liberals insist to classify him a a right-winger when in reality he is not as conservative as other journalists.

Why can’t liberals understand that there are many democrats and libertarians who dislike Obama?

40%^ of tea party members are democrats and 20% are minorities (shocking isn’t it?)

It all boils down to indoctrination. They are told that “those crazy right wing conservatives” want to destroy Obama. They are told over and over that all Democrats love, adore, and support Obama no matter what.
When you force feed the same swill to the same people repeatedly, eventually they will only be able to regurgitate it.

Glen Beck is a self professed conservative. Why is it that conservatives believe that everyone who favors President Barak Obama is a “liberal”. I am a Progressive Democrat, or as Glen Beck likes to call me “the cancer of American society”. I am also a minority too.

The real question that needs to be asked is why is it that modern politics has turned into nothing more than kindergarten style name calling. I understand that there are those on the left who do it just as much as some on the right. The bulk of Qs here on Y/A is evidence enough of this. What I don’t understand is why does everyone need to rally to the call of these figures who cultivate animosity between the right and the left. Most of them are not even involved in the process of governance in this country. Can we take a time out and cool off, so both sides can come together and meet in the middle on concerns that all of us agree on needs to be addressed?

Wrong my friend – we are pointing out to you that FOX News is the GOP’s media wing, and the closest thing we have to state propaganda television. Because of that – the Tea Party which was organized and sponsored by Fox News is a shill to the same big brother Republican slime machine.

You fail to realize it – so we keep trying to demonstrate the obvious. We call on you to use basic common sense and fundamental observation.

Furthermore you are a liar “40%^ of tea party members are democrats and 20% are minorities” so now that you have blown your credibility why would anyone respect your ability to differentiate Glenn Beck from Karl Rove?

It’s not hate and venom amigo – it is self preservation.
America can only take so much brutal raping from a Republican administration.
Give the country time for the wounds to heal – before we GOP comes back to trounce our civil liberties, distort our economy, imprison our citizens and set back our stature in history and the world.

Don’t worry – they will be back.
In the meantime feel free to repeat shallow half truths in an attempt to mislead the gullible and easily manipulated.

Glenn Beck is an entertainer, who has made a fortune off of misleading the low information conservatives that make up the Republican base in this country (not the rich ones, the useful idiots).

Seriously, what real American, actually cares what he thinks? Regardless of whether he is for or against Obama?

1. Glenn Beck is whatever makes him the most money that day
2. 40% of tea party members are democrats. That is like saying most of the Hitler followers are Jewish. That is just asinine.
3. If one dislikes Obama they are watching FOX news and not REAL NEWS as Fox is an ENTERTAINMENT station as Rupert Murdock said, and hold Tea party rallies, I.E. Hannity. So, they are sold out to the tea party and to republican ideology.
4. Just to reiterate. Glenn Beck is nobody, he does not even have an education BUT he is getting rich of those without one either.

Those are facts.

Challenge them. I am right for I am YOUR ASSISTANT to truth amongst the right wing noise machine.

Immigration: The Republican celebration hasn’t ever adverse employer sanctions for hiring unlawful immigrants. Iran & North Korea: Bush noted as them an “axis of evil” because they were already attempting to construct nuclear guns. nationwide Debt: Obama has better the debt by better than the in simple terms suitable 3 Republican presidents mixed. economic device: The worst recession because the excellent melancholy develop into led to by the deregulation of the banking device – – and that de-regulation develop into signed into regulation by bill Clinton in 1999 at the same time as he reversed the in simple terms suitable remnants of the Glass-Steagall Act. Gulf Oil Spill: the most important US oil spill ever develop into led to by deregulation of the oil market. wellbeing expenditures: Republicans did not layout our wellbeing care device, and Democrats have made it worse. Democrats have adverse tort reform, which could convey expenditures down. And, Obamas wellbeing plan does not something to convey expenditures down. Wars: and considering the fact that of this Obama continues to be battling those wars? don’t be hypocritical – – geopolitical realities have led to those wars. commerce stability: lack of ability independence? Democrats want to end blocking off new oil and nuclear progression. Democrats are the most important impediment to ability independence. lack of help for US production? you’ve were given to be kidding – – Democrats do not something to help market.

I don’t care who makes up the Tea Party, to me they are 100% idiots.

Where were they when Bush doubled the national debt with his worthless tax cuts and wasteful wars.

Obama had to do deficit spending because he wasn’t watching and let the banksters loose to rob us blind

Actually the International Committee of the Fourth International (a Trotskyite front) also opposes President Obama!

Read the link!

almost all of those people are conservative at the very least… Beck says he’s a conservative…

the libertarians and democrats are also conservatives that are at the tea parties…

this isn’t rocket science… the entire tea party movement is a conservative ideology…

and it’s only 10 percent that are democrats in the tea party… according to the last poll I saw?

you seem to be very confused…

EDIT: two thumbs down? what are they if they aren’t conservative? could some genius tell me that? lol

Henn Peck isn’t a libertarian. He’s a fear mongering hater with a high school education.
Your “statistics” don’t have a link and are blatantly false.
Your fear, hate and misinformation identifies your political party affiliation.

The only reason I can think of is: It is a smokescreen to cover their liberal beliefs that are out of step with the Constitution.
If they yell racist, tea bagger , loon….people might not tune in to see the truth of the situation and accept the “crazy” label.
Then under the guise of sanity in an insane environment they push a liberal agenda like welfare for healthy, idle, people in need of a job not a handout.
The best hand you’ll ever get in this life is attached to your own arm….encourage people to use it by making it easier to own and run a small business without having to be told by the Government that you MUST do such and such, or force the rich who also work for their money to overpay taxes.
Taxation can be based on income but EVERYBODY needs to pay taxes.

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