Why are gas prices getting so low? I blame obama?

I will say this is the results of something obama had nothing to do with, because since obama is a liberal and I disagree with that he can’t possibly do one thing right. We will all die if we re-elect obama

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I can see Russia from my house

Well – you know – all brain dead people have to blame Obama for something – so lower prices for gas is a good one.

Sadly it is another government giveaway, that oil we bought back at $60 a barrel when bush was in office, so he’s banking it goes down. When Morgan stanley and Goldman manipulated at the end of Bush’s term he ended up opening drilling areas and if fell. As of lat it does no good to open up areas that have no oil.

That is a ton of oil on the market and always has been. He might want to go after Congress to re regulate those creeps and allow drilling in other areas. I think it is nuts to not allow our guys to drill and yet Brazil is.

Hey the oil deal is always a rip off, every summer the price of gas would go up because people were “going on vacation”. Why? People need to understand we have not build any new refineries since the 1070s and not gas shortage, so why would the gas companies charge more? There is no reason as if they sell more gas so what, they have a 18 wheeler haul in 10,000 gallons an dump it.

There is no shortage. IN the old days when people actually ran the gas stations that put a certain amount on a gallon, it was higher if you wanted full service in other words your oil checked window washed, etc because they had to hire someone to do that. They might add a dime to the price that they got from the gas company. So if the station did 100,000 gallons a month the guy made 10 grand.

Then self service and the gas companies figured out they didn’t need anyone to run them they could do it themselves. So instead of being honest about it they figure we will not put a fixed amount let’s do a percentage. By doing a percentage when the price of oil goes up they make a ton more.

So if they put a 20% margin on the gas and it averages 2 bucks they make 40 cents but when it goes to 4 bucks they make 80 cents so a big ripe off.

Also you can tell it’s being manipulated again as when the war started with libya started the big news was it might disrupt Libya’s 3 million BOD, then we find they really kick out 2 million a day. So OPEC gets on the tube and says they are pumping 37 million a day and that they have an extra 5 million BOD in reserve they can use. To top that even Saudi Arabia jumps in and says they by themselves can match it.

So why did the price GO up if there is about 3 times as much oil they can use to cover that deal? NO reason just a rip off nd Congress needs to get on them as Morgan stanley and Goldman used their media connects to put out false reports like china was using all the oil. By the way all OPEC nations overproduce all the time have a friend in the UAE and they do 2 million more, they all do it there is a vast amount of oil and it’s worth about 46 bucks a barrel. mOrgan Stanley and those guys sucked billions out of people , the country and like working mothers pocket books who had trouble feeding heir children and should be put in jail for no less than 10 years. Scum

What’s silly is that on land we have the tightest drilling standards, you spill something got to call EPA and remove it, in all the other countries, ha ha they just throw it on the ground. If we can get a couple million more out of Alaska and drill in the rockies then do it and stop this ripping us and the world off. Remember even with the 5 million that opec has, Saudi has even more it’s a rip off.

Unfortunately the environmentalist don’t care and would rather have children go to bed hungry and someone that might be able to go and pay at a clinic burn that cash up on gas and go sick. Funny acid rain was projected to kill 550,000 in China last year and they could care less. You don’t here them whining about that, they might moan about something over here where we have the toughest regulations but China polluting the entire world and for pennies on the dollar It could be cut down by 80% but they don’t care and neither does the administration any of them.

first of all, George Bush and Dick Cheney are the two oilmen. One has to evaluate that there could be a conflict of activity obtainable someplace. Obama isn’t in contact interior the oil industry. Secondly, time will tell if we see an rather enormous shift in fees or a smaller shift in fees using fact the summer driving season takes to the air. we would possibly never considered the variety of dramatic upward thrust in gas fees previous to this summer, enable us to not overlook…

Lol. $3.40 is low? I remember when gas was less than $1 a gallon. Wake me when the price of gas per gallon gets below the price of milk per gallon again.

Still almost $4 gal here. For that, yes I do blame Obama.

The SPR release is the equivalent of about 36 hours of US consumption. BFD. It does not exactly make up for the moratorium, the foot dragging on permits, and the cancellation of the Canadian pipeline.

What are you smoking…low?

It has a long way to go before it is considered low.

You are right though, BHO has nothing to do with this.

No one knows


Did they legalize marijuana where you live? Something is definitely wrong with you. Maybe you’re schizophrenic. I don’t know. I’d seek treatment immediately…not for your stupidity…that can’t be helped…for either your addiction or psychological disorder.

You must be buying your gas in Saudi Arabia.

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