Who did not win the World Series?

The Pink Fluffy Mangoes or the Washington Nationals? 😀

Have fun with this question

BQ: Which baseball player’s face scares you?

I believe the real answer is the Detroit Lions.

BQ: My favorite player from the Cards, Jason Motte: http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/8369 Notice how the face is a little weird and his eyes are closed.

John Ennis is really focused: http://ilovebubbadogs.com/bubbapress/wp-…

The correct answer is actually both. I believe you’re confusing the Pink Fluffly Mangoes with the Orange Fluffy Kumquats, who won the World Series in 2007. Both the Washington Nationals and the Pink Fluffy Mangoes have yet to win a World Series.

BQ: LOL, Randy Johnson looks like he could be a child molester in this picture:

edit: These are kind of scary too.

The Francisco Lopez Redundants

A very close one but the Fluffy Mangoes came out with the title

BQ: Matt Clement look here >> http://mlb.mlb.com/images/2004/12/15/Oy9…

the pink fluffy mangoes 🙂

BQ: Mark Teixeira for sure. When he’s batting and how he looks at the ball before he swings is absolutely terrifying. He like opens his eyes and looks so scary.. :/

The Pink Fluffy Mangoes! Yay! 😀

BQ: Kevin Youkillis sometimes. (no offense but he scares me)
and sometimes Matt Garza. But other than that, no players scare me as much as these two do sometimes.

Washington Nats.

BQ: Tim Lincecum, Jayson Werth, Mike Gonzelez, Peter Moylan, should I go on?

The Tampa Bay Rays have never won the world series.

Neigher. Well the Nats never had.

BQ: Nate Robertson. Guy is ugly and those glasses just don’t do it for him and he’s a stinky pitcher.

I would have to go with the Washington Nationals.

BQ- I am going to pick Mike Gonzalez

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