whats your viewpoint for Islam/Christianity/Jews/Hindu/Buddist?

what are the cons and pros for each of these religion?

I have found an excellent book on this very issue called “The History of God” by Karen Armstrong who is an educator on the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. There is no right or wrong here. Each faith provides another piece to the complex puzzle of spirituality. Each deserves great respect. The error is not in faith, but in people and the misinterpretations of the messages sent throughout the ages. Were it not for human error, the religious tenants may actually work as they were meant to. Remember, knowledge cannot lead to faith – only belief can lead to knowledge.

Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and it still exists among 950 million people. It is is the one of the most complex religions in the world and only a true Hindu can appreciate it.

the only religion i have a problem with is Hinduism. granted the Hindus are the nicest people in the world (their religion teaches if you hit a woman you go straight to hell) but so many illogical laws

for example: 1. once you get married you cant divorce – and you can never marry again

Rupee: Says who??

2. no meat whatsoever.

Rupee: Says who??

i think it’s all pretty much the same, they’re all based around the same concept. there are soooo many pros and cons to each religion, you can go on forever with that debate! The bottom line is, we need to not judge other religions and just accept peace amongst each other!


Please refer to “Beliefnet.com” for a brief synopsis of all of the major religions including beliefs, brief history, and discussion page. Ther are also numerous web siotes which do the same as well as site for each particular belief system.

Basically, religions and or philosophies that have you relying on any one or any thing other than yourself for the answers to your life may, historically, not be in one’s best interest as those person who are in a position of authority within such a structure may fall prey to their egos and might be willing to do whatever they deem necessary to reach their personal goals and achieve their personal ambitions at your expense (i.e., your life, your health, you psychological self and well being, one’s emotional health, one’s family and friends, your material wealth, general well being, etc.)

Also, when one accepts beliefs that place an undue burden upon one’s self and have one surrender his/her right and ability to decide for one’s self, the individual may well and does loose his/her self determination.

Two of the major questions that then arises is, “What are you willing to give up so as to serve your faith and the system of the same?” and “Is doing so in your best interest as an individual?” Only the individual him/herself can answer these two questions as he/she will have to accept and live with the consequences and responsibilities of his/her choices and actions.

This one would offer that it might be wiser for one to view all claims of any religion or life philosophy with some “doubt” until such time as the individual has tested the same so as to ascertain whether what is being said or promised actually works and happens for the individual.

Most religions teach the same basic tenets with some variations of each and general disagreements as to who is the “prophet ” or true leader fo which and the name of the deity or deities that are to be worshipped and followed. IN general, these seem to be treat all fellow members of your faith well, do not steal your neighbors possessions whether that be his/her wife/husband/partner or his/her material good, fight in the cause of your faith and in the name of your deity. Some teach the concept of human brotherhood, love and compassion of and for others and promote peace. Some also stress tolerance towards people of other belief systems.

Few religions have historically lived up to what they believe and teach. One might ask, “If a religion does not help to make the practicioners of the same better people in this life time, what is the use of that religion and is it truly of a supernatural origina or just a product of well meaning human beings whose followers have twisted the teachings for their own pesonal reasons?”

may it all be well with you.

Find the religion that has the least amount of history involved with causing torture, death and destruction. That’s probably the one to go with. Keep a score card, like;

Deaths caused by jews:
Deaths caused by followers of christ:
Deaths caused by hindu (etc…)

Seriously, you should research this yourself. You can’t fit it in a yahoo answers section.

To me, there is no cons & pros for every religon as long as it teaches man the right things in life.

Is Islam violent? i in my opinion don’t recognize as I in no way study something with regard to the classes of it, yet with all the themes interior their very own tribes and social shape, i might say “sure” they’re violent and illiberal. Does Islam itself instruct this? i don’t recognize, yet a number of them for sure are. Have I met a muslim? No. i think of muslims would properly be ok as human beings pass. yet so can everybody else. Islam for sure has some issues which would be taken to point brazenly slaughter people who are not comparable to you. it fairly is a bad element. If it teaches plenty peace and such that the muslims right here say it does, why are there maximum of who brazenly kill their fellow muslims? i don’t see how some thing that provokes and encourages human beings to do those issues would properly be stable for everybody. (those doing it website their coaching contained in the e book itself) If Islam is so non violent why are human beings being abducted from international places that have not have been given any area contained in the violence occurring over there and then killed? Why are they killing their very own babies and calling it justice? it rather is stupid. An enemy is everybody who desires to reason you injury. From what I see and hear, maximum muslims do unlike what’s going on, yet they don’t something. rather of removing everyday offenders, they run and enable them to maintain on with alongside butchering people who straggle in the back of. there’s no peace in a faith that provides a reason to kill. Christians instruct while you’re struck, to enable them to strike the different cheek as properly. while you’re commanded to hold a bag for a mile, carry it 2 while you’re in a position. Obey the guidelines of guy until eventually they conflict with Gods. to furnish in spite of the fact that we are in a position to to assist others and not do it for our very own glory. in case you opt for for human beings to take Islam heavily, you could desire to take a stand against people who’re tarnishing it. in case you opt for for to clean your call, stop people who’re ruining it and inflicting the phobia in others. in case you do not a minimum of talk out against them brazenly and in unison, you will rely among them for professing a similar element.

the only religion i have a problem with is Hinduism. granted the Hindus are the nicest people in the world (their religion teaches if you hit a woman you go straight to hell) but so many illogical laws

for example: 1. once you get married you cant divorce – and you can never marry again 2. no meat whatsoever.

Christian,as following of Christ ,is my preference,but I am biased since i am Christian. I respect the positive elements of all religions.

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