whats better nissan or honda/acura?

which car model is better nissan or honda/acura??

Honda, Higher quality, retention of value, resale prices. Their sales numbers speak for themselves.

well technically, nissan, honda, and acura are makes not models
but ….
i just bought a new nissan sentra and love it.
my mom has an acura tsx and loves it.
in my OPINION, hondas are very….. general.
I mean, there are just SOO many everywhere, and i don’t know if this is still true but they are the most stolen cars, my friends was stolen and picked apart, and recovery was not an option she had to buy an entirely new car.
Any way, I got a sentra because they are the shape I like, cheap enough, but also a solid company. They are also the model that at least I see less of on the road. Which is weird because they are beautiful, but hey i’m bias.

If you are looking to buy a more expensive luxury car, acura is your best bet, however unless you get XM radio, it’s still not clear to me if you’re getting what you pay for rather than just the name.

I’ve owned two Nissans and two Hondas. They were all very good, and I put a lot of miles on all four. However, to me the Hondas were just put together better, handled better, needed less costly repairs and are just more fun to drive. Granted, the Nissans were both older and lower-rung models (an ’89 Pulsar and ’92 Sentra) and the Hondas were/are Accords (’90 and 2000), but I’m shopping again, and will likely get another Honda. (Mazdas are tempting, though).

Unless it’s a Nissan Skyline GTR, then I gotta say Acura/Honda

They are all good. Acura is a luxury company so they are a bit nicer than Nissan and Honda.

Hondas better! But Nissans good too!

In my opinion, Honda is better, but Nissan is really good too.

Both are good. But Honda/ Acura hold their value more for a trade in or resale.

Nissans are sporty but Hondas more durable

I love Altima’s with Spoliers.
even though theyre old.
and they Last Long,
we have a nissan Altima from 1995 and we still have it up and running.

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