Toyota Celica or Scion TC?

I’m looking into buying either a 2002 Toyota Celica GT, or a 2007 Scion TC. They both have standard transmissions and clean carfaxes.. The difference is, the Celica has 34,000 miles while the TC has 61,000. According to the seller, they are both in great condition and have no mechanical issues. The Celica is listed for $8,500 and the owner of the TC said he would take $9,300. From my own research, KBB valued the TC at $12,800 and the Celica at $9,200. Obviously with the TC I’m getting a better bang for the buck, but I’m wondering if I’ll be getting the better car. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, thanks!

Five years newer trumps the 27K mile difference. Plus the tC has a larger more powerful engine and they all have that nice big glass moonroof. They are both Toyotas so reliability/durability should be similar if all else were equal.

I’d go with the tC

Both cars are great. I have a crazy idea…why don’t you drive them both and buy the one YOU want to. Don’t get too many different opinions. It’ll only confuse you. Buy what YOU want…not what everyone else thinks.

BUT, that being said, the TC is better “bang for the buck” if that’s all you’re worried about. 61,000 miles is nothing on that Toyota engine so don’t over-analyze the miles.

From your friendly Mazda Salesperson 🙂

Celica is out of production

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