Thoughts on Donald Trump saying he s willing to spend a billion to get elected?

Two important things come to mind right away:

1) WHO’SE money will he use? Where will he get it….from his contributors or from federal matching funds if he goes third party? and…..
2) Remember the LAST ELECTION when the Koch Bros spent more than a billion on Romney and the people rejected him? Remember how angry Karl Rove was on election night? All he talked about was how the Republicans outspent the dems and the election should be THEIRS……

Remember, only the American people will decide in the end. And isn’t it telling that Trump thinks he can actually WIN if he tries to buy the election? Republican values? No thanks!

I actually hope he does not spend that kind of money to get elected, I only hope enough of us take a real look at the agenda which each candidate carries and then we ELECT TRUMP ! If he holds his own feet to the fire and DOES bring back all our jobs, stop the massive influx of aliens who hate us, reign in the debt by taxing the hedge fund investment bankers, stops ISIS and protects our social security and protects our Second Amendment and our property rights of our homes, I think he would be worth double all the wealth that he ever had and would deserve double the wealth. Not all rich people are evil.

I can think of a million things that money could be better spent on than Trump the Chump!

I’d love to see him lose a billion dollars.

He won’t do it. Its a scare tactic 100%. Hell I would put that billion on it. He will not spend that much for running individual just for the fact he knows no one wins running individual .

It’s his money. Whose to stop him from spending it as he sees fit?

He the only one using his own money. It would be interesting to see what a President that wasn’t controlled by the campaign contributors would do.

Shades of Perot

Well, isn’t that what all politicians do? Well, except he is using his own money to do it. I am good with it.

Obama wasted 8 Trillion sadly it was not his money

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