So umm God sacrificed God to God to save God s creations from God?

Religion in a nutshell. well done. After reading the answers that religious people wrote. I can actually see how brainwashing works.

If God became to be sacrificed the finished universe could be destroyed. in case you’re saying God became carried contained in the womb, died then you somewhat are attributing human area to God. there is no longer a single regulation in this international the place somebody takes the punishment of others. God is forgiving in the previous he despatched Jesus so why could he could be sacrificed with a view to forgive. John 5:30, i actual can do no longer something as i’m basically here to decide and my judgement is honest. I seek for no longer my will however the will of whom despatched me. Does this sound like God? No.

That’s Christianity for you. And to sum it all up, we’re going to do some simple math formulas based on the smartest Christian scholars of the 21st century:

1+1+1 = 1
1x1x1 = 3

To clarify – Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself for us to save us from our own sin- that we might be reconciled to God instead of separated from Him. In my heart- I know I have sinned against God- so I am grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice for me.

And to think, 2 billion people actually believe this….

That was after he drowned them all for behaving the way he created them to behave. That’s the intricate beauty of a closed system.

Not even close. God gave his only begotten son to cleanse the world from its sin, which was introduced by Satan’s doing. This way, the people of the world would be worthy to enter God’s domain if they accepted Him as their Lord.

Yes. You see, 2000 years ago a cosmic Jewish zombie screwed his own teenager virgin mother so he could get her pregnant with himself. He did this so he could sacrifice himself to himself in order to save the world from himself because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake with legs to eat fruit from a magical tree.

That pretty much sums up Christianity.

Yep religion is retarted

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