Should former US President GW Bush be tried for the murder of 4500+ US Military men and women in Iraq?

over his failed oil venture in Iraq?

Only if you’re also going to charge the Senators and Congressmen/women who authorized it.

The question I have – How much top secret intel are you privy to? Did you see all the reports about Iraq. How about the reports concerning the UN and there corruption. How sure are you about oil are you. Do you feel that you have as much information as the President, his advisers, and the Senate intelligence committee. I’ll bet you are still pissed that Al Gore lost almost 9 years ago. Are you still living in the past? Bush is out of office. From 2007 till 2009, a democratic senate and house had all the opportunity to bring him up for impeachment. We heard, what, 2 politicians about this? Obama is president. I am not happy about this. I also respect the office of the President of the US. You will find that I address him by his last name or title and name, I do not call him any other name. That is respect. I do not agree with his policies, and will debate about that. Would the children on Y/A please grow up (Supposed Democrats and supposed Republicans alike.)

I don’t recall GW going to Iraq and shooting people. I served there for his father in 90/91 and my nephew just came back from a 16 month deployment. He was in Baghdad in the red zone. Most of the troops over there feel they are doing something right. Um….by the way, how long did you serve ? Military is like voting.If you don’t vote you have no say,If you never served you have no say….and you have no clue.All you have is what you read here in the states. I’m sure you heard the saying “Walk a mile in my shoes” Until you do so stop watching the news.

Its sad when all you have in life is should GW be tried for murder. Move out of your parents basement, Stop delivering pizza on the weekends for gas money so you can go to the star wars convention with your other fat friends. You have way too much free time on your hands (I wonder what else you have in your hands) Stay off your cpu for a day or 2…Go outside,Take a walk,get a tan…just DON’T wear a speedo

NO, BUT who in Congress going to be tried for approving the WAR effort?
How about KING Obama?
he voted for
Iraq and Afghanistan War Funding, Unemployment Benefits Extension, and GI Bill
Defense Department FY 2007 Authorization bill
Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2006 (with Senatorial amendments)
Defense Department FY2006 Appropriations bill
Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2005
and MORE!!!

Since we went there for the oil, where is my $1 per gallon fuel????

(how about putting this under Politics or Elections since this POLITICALLY motivated and not MILITARILY motivated?)

Since the war in Iraq was NOT over oil, (Iraq has had control of their oil fields since about the time of their first election) and the numbers killed were in both Iraq and Afghanistan during declared wars, No. Maybe those involved in WWI, WWII, and Vietnam should also be charged, remember Vietnam was not even a declared war, and thousands more died during that time. In some cases there were this number in less than a month.

It was an honest mistake he made on the behalf of the whole country. We’re all in it as much as he does. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t agree with the war, but to accuse him of murder is silly. Now Mr. Obama wanting to pull out of Iraq after so much sacrifices had been made is totally unpatriotic.

I don’t know, Democrats approved his Oil Venture in Iraq. maybe they too should be tried
Do you think Abraham Lincoln is responsible for the death of 600,000 Americans, because he refused to let the Virginia Peace Committee talk to him before the Civil War broke out,
I’m still trying to figure out if Obama should be arrested for releasing TOP SECRET information without a court order, I know he said they may lose the court battle with the ACLU, but the court had not ordered him to release those documents****************

For what purpose??? Why can’t our wonderful politicians let the Bush administration be over with. Or, do they have to constantly be bringing the Bush administration back to life to distract people from realizing their talk of ” change” and ” hope”, was just so much political bull crap and their fearless leader, Barack O’Bubba is just another smooth talking empty suit.!

Oh, I get it! GM just announce they will stop making the Pontiac and dumped another 21,000 workers. We can’t afford to have people asking questions whether or not his massive programs did any good or was just a waste of money, now can we?

You libs are despicable. Your lack of intelligence has the world spinning at this point and I don’t see any end in sight. You wouldn’t recognize a God fearing, decent human being if you tripped over him. You don’t have a original thought of your own that is not tarnished by the extreme left American haters in this world. Follow your lying, corrupt leaders down the path to your demise. George Bush went to war to protect this country from the enemy…that was his primary job, and he did it. Your question disrespects every soldier that died in that war.

Congress approve the spending for the Iraq war. If you’re gonna hang one then hang ’em all.

The United States military is a completely volunteer service. The men and women knew what expect when they enlisted and reenlisted. All of them are heroes in my book.

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