Should Chicago Cubs fans go all in or pack it in?

The hapless heroes haven’t won the big one since their appearance in 1908 even though the Cubs have appeared in and lost seven World Series. The 1945 curse of the Billy Goat looms still to this day.

In game 4 of 1945 World Series, the Curse of the Billy Goat was laid upon the Cubs when Mr. Wrigley ejected Billy Sianis, who had come to game 4 with two tickets, one for him and one for his goat. Upon his ejection, Mr. Sianis uttered, the Cubs, they ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs lost game 4, lost the 1945 World Series, and have not been back since then.

So is this the year? Or is another Steve Bartman coming to revive the Billy Goat curse and prevent the Cubs from going to and winning the World Series? Or will the Chicago fans just sit back and see what happens?

OK, so the question on my mind is: should Chicago Cubs fans back their hometown heroes one more time hoping for the best, or just give it all up and pack it in?

I hope this is the year. I know you probably are wondering why me, a cardinal fan is saying this, but my team is completely out, I live near Chicago, they have done well this year, so I’m rooting for them. And it’s time their fans stop being disappointed and have a world series. But I don’t wanna speak too soon since they haven’t gotten to the playoffs yet.

I completely agree with Eric S. Great fan base.

It is good to be dedicated to what you like
it is however obvious the cubs are not doing very well according to what I read but don’t give up. The way I see it Andy,
The cubs are having a bad season and when baseball season is over they can pack it for the season then go over what went wrong then try to make it right for next year.

Win or lose the Cubs will always have a dedicated fan base. I am not talking an Atlanta Braves fan base that supports the team only when they are winning, but a base that has and will stand by the team win or lose

Go the Cubs.

curses are dumb…they arent true…

cubs are going to win the ws this year just watch

Any REAL fan would know the correct answer to this question:


Aww man…it can get tough but i’m backin’ ’em! (and you should too) 🙂 GO CUBBIES!!


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