Please NO Racist Comments/Answers – 44 reasons why Obama Should Or should NOT be the 44th US President?

Since we are electing the 44th president of the United States. Can anyone provide 44 reasons why Obama Should Or should NOT be the 44th US President.

Please NO racist comments. Sources of your answers will be very helpful. Thanks and God bless America

He isn’t qualified. He was elected to the US Senate by running unopposed due to his using dirty politics.

44? If I wanted to type all night I could give you 144. I don’t.

Definitely Obama.

After all, he has more songs written about him than any other presidential candidate has, right?

I was an undecided Hillary supporter before.

But I can see the intelligence of the Obama supporters is improving ……. NOT!!!!!!

I don’t have time to list 44 reasons, but here are 5

1) I don’t trust him
2) No experience
3)No real plan
4)He supports gay marriage
5)He supports killing babies

Absolutely no experience at that level of Government.

Complete lack of Patriotism to the United States

Changes his views to suit his audience.

Does not show any support for our Military.

Has a shadey background that does not seem to be told truthfully to the public

The U.S. is not ready for a Black president. Sad, but true.

He has shown Racial intonations.

His wife’s demeanor comes off as always being angry. A first lady is very important to the presidency.

IhaveH has the 60 reasons–I can not think of one good reason to elect bo but the 60 posted are awesome and tells it like it is.

I can give you one and within that one there are numerous individual reasons . . .

ALL of his views are socialistic and will destroy this country as it has every other country that has used socialism as it’s basis of government.

hes has NO experience as president,Hilary already been there she has experience why cant america see that if a woman ruled the world it will be the same equilty as the men are so whats the big deal?

Obama is a racist: Obama uses race as a tool and a wedge to divide people instead of uniting them, talks like a bigot, and has kept company with some radical racists.

Obama is a liar: Last year Obama promised to use public campaign financing if his opponent did. McCain is a champion of public financing, and committed to doing so. Once McCain locked in to this lower level of funding, Obama switched in order to raise ungodly amounts of cash (which if unspent in the election can be used for graft) and blamed his duplicity a non-existent issue.

Obama associates with known terrorists: Obama has a long-term relationship with former Weatherman William Ayers. The Weathermen were a violent revolutionary terrorist group, responsible bombings in the United States. It is no surprise that the Weathermen have a socialist-to -communist political philosophy (notice how Ayers, in the photograph to the right, is standing on the American flag in a dirty alley — quite apropos for a terrorist).

Obama breaks under pressure: The presidency is a tough job. But Obama can’t handle the pressure of a simple debate. When debating Hillary in her attack mode, he stumbled badly. He is running away from McCain’s challenge for town hall debates which are designed to put candidates under pressure. If he can’t handle a simple debate, how will he handle Osama bin Laden, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or even a pack of Girl Scouts selling cookies?

Obama is at best a socialist, and leans communist: As if his terrorist and religious friends were not unsavory enough, Obama has career-long relationships with any number of people who believe government power is more important that individual liberty, which is antithetic to Americans. Obama’s proposed policies rack-up about a trillion dollars in new spending, and by his design this spending buys a stack of new and omnipotently oppressive regulatory regimes and restrictions on individual liberties. In short, his proposals make people poorer while enslaving them.

Obama keeps company with criminals: Granted, being a politician in Chicago automatically makes you a criminal associate. But Obama’s seedy criminal friends almost equal the number of Obama’s seedy ecclesiastic confidants. Most recently was Obama’s buddy Tony Rezko, convicted 16 times on corruption charges for influence peddling. Obama and Rezko’s intertwined and unusually profitable real estate arrangements are highly suspect and indicate Obama is not immune to quasi-criminal activity, if not the fully involved variety. The fact that Rezko’s criminal reputation preceded Obama’s entry into politics, and the fact that Obama created a relationship with Rezko despite this, shows alarmingly poor judgment on his part.

Obama doesn’t understand basic Americanism: Symbolism is important in every culture, including the inclusive American variety. A case in point concerning Obama’s indifference to American sensitivities is when Obama hijacked the Presidential seal. Obama reformatted, adding a new Latin phase. Aside from his ham-handed attempt to prematurely presume the mantel of office, he committed three symbolic sins: he co-opted a sacred symbol, he desecrated it with his campaign logo (see the rather spooky Obama ‘O’ on the eagle’s chest) and worst of all, he swapped the uniting phrase of the nation E Pluribus Unum (”out of many, one”) with Vero Possumus (”in truth we are able”). The reason this linguistic assault is heinous is that the message “out of many, one” is the recognition that America is composed of people from all over the world, and that we co-exist peacefully (are one) when all are free. To remove that national mantra means he doesn’t respect the basic principles of America (which may explain why Obama’s wife said she had never been proud of America).

Obama makes very stupid personal decisions: He has admitted to using cocaine (widely known to be powerfully addictive) and he cannot give up cigarettes. Can a man with such little self-control be an effective leader of the free world?

Obama doesn’t even know who he is: Take something as simple as race. In order to land votes, Obama calls himself black. But only Obama’s absentee father was black — his mother was white. That makes him mulatto. Yet when Obama is race baiting the public, he won’t use the accurate term to describe his genetics. Let’s be nice and simply assume his cocaine snorting blew-out a few brain cells.

Obama has no experience: The President is an executive, and as such must manage the largest organization on the planet. Barack has zero executive experience, and has only held elected offices for a decade. He has only been a U.S. Senator for two years, and he was absent for nearly 1/2 the votes that occurred during that period. He lacks the worldliness necessary to lead and command.

He will turn this country to communism. Definitely NOT a very good reason to be elected as president.

you only need one reason and that is he is not carrying a Presidential resume in his briefcase! Enough said!

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