my mom hates my girl friend!!!?

my girl friend and i have been together for 3 years and 6 months we are having a baby in like 2 weeks and my mom hates my girl friend. it started over money my mom asked for some money to help pay for my truck tags because she has some income coming from the well fair. i am out of a job so my mom asked her. but my girl friend said that my mom didn’t tell her how much and my girl friend gave her 200 dollars to my mom for something at the time but my mom got mad because she didn’t give her the hole thing and it got ugly over money i got stuck in the middle and i don’t know what to do and i am really hurt over the hole thing and i don’t want to disrespect my mom or my girl friend. i am stuck! should i go with my girl friend or stay here with my mom. my mom wants me to leave her over money i feel that is wrong and retarded i feel so alone and mad because i don’t know what to do i am proud to be a dad but i don’t want my family to hate me for being with her. how do i make things!

Everyone is general fighting over you! You don’t have a job and no income and can’t pay for truck tags. You are looking for an excuse to ditch your girlfriend and baby and live like a kid with your mommy. Your baby and your girlfriend ARE YOUR FAMILY. what do you not understand from this statement. You should get a job pay you girlfriend back her money ( which should be used for the baby anyway). Pay your own Truck tags and keep you negative mother away from your girlfriend. Your girlfriend needs support both emotional, financial and spiritual and you seem to be doing a bad job about it. Do everything to support you women and BABY. This was not a one night stand.

pray…ask God for his help and talk to them both…you on’t have to let go either of them…tell them you love them both and you hate seeing them in such a “chaos”.they man a lot to you and say you’d be really happy having them and seeing them both in such a good relationship…forget about the money…you can find that easily after all…it is more harder to lose either of the woman you really love

then make her your wife and she will become a daughter in law to your mom and your mom will feel like a real grand mother, but never allow your g/f to come between you and your mom. for if you don’t marry her soon, she’ll leave you and you will need your mom……if you really love this girl, marry her man, what is taking you so long. you’ll never be treated like a father or husband until you do….GET R DONE..

the order of building a family correctly is…..
looking ahead, planing
then baby
why does people want to try to do it backwards i’ll never know.

What business does your mum have asking your love for money? It’s just rude and disrespectful – I’d let her know that if I was in the same situation.

Your girlfriend is about to have your baby!!!!!! You can’t just leave her and stay with your mom. Your mom gave birth to you, loves you dearly, and taught you probably everything you know so you can’t take her out of the picture!! So basically your stuck between a rock and a hard place. Talk to your mom and get her to understand that the money situation really has no meaning to it. Then talk your mom and girlfriend into having a meeting (public place that way things can’t get out of control) so they could talk things out and settle the confusion!!! Tell your mom that she should be a little grateful that your girlfriend gave her some money and that she cant read minds so your girlfriend gave her what she thought your mom needed!!!! Tell them both that you will not tolerate this with a baby on the way and with the new year rolling in!!! Also this shouldn’t be a problem because income taxes comes shortly so money shouldn’t be the issue right now. You all just need to handle this at a different time because right now you need to focuse on the baby!!!! I hope I helped!!!

Sounds like there was a mis-understanding somewhere along the line.. “i am out of a job so my mom asked her. but my girl friend said that my mom didn’t tell her how much and my girl friend gave her 200 dollars to my mom for something at the time but my mom got mad because she didn’t give her the hole thing ” Get them together to discuss what happened.

First of all you can make things right by getting a job and paying your mom/girlfriend back. And supporting your baby instead of worrying about your moms income from welfare.

I’m sorry for your troubles…but I MUST ASK…where’s the well fair?

But, I must say, if you are gonna be a baby’s daddy, you better stick by your lady. Your mom shouldn’t have to ask you for money to pay for YOUR stuff…there’s probably more reasons why mom doesn’t like your chic. She’s just using this money as an excuse. Mommies sometimes feel threatend that the new woman in their son’s life is taking them away…well now this threat seems like the reality. Your mom might be having a hard time coping with this. Just talk to her about it.

well dude your old enough to be on your own go wit your girl… hmm and your mom shouldent get pisd over your girl giving her 200$ thats screwd up all of it is im with u dude i understand how sucky it must be… BUT now taht you got a kid the lil dudes gotta have a mom and dad .. so dont leave your girl… EVER umm but talk to your mom… i mean seriously if you had to chose one or teh other chose your girl.. dude… but… talk things over wit your mom…

well u need to get a job thats a given then give ur ma the money

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