my bf text another girl, what should I do?

I’m with my bf for 8 months now. I’m 21 and he is 30. He is kind of quite person. He usually don’t call or text someone unless he really need to, except some people that are really close to him like me, his sister, and his best friends. Yesterday, I used his phone and I saw a conversation between him and a girl at his school. They talked about school, teacher and some other things too. He told her that how good she did on her presentation that i don’t think he usually do to other people. He even told her that he got good grade first before he told me about it. I watched a good movie with him, then he told her to watch it and they talk about how good is it. They also talk about he is a good cookies maker and she is a good cooker. He even told her that he know a market that sell good bread and said he will take her there sometimes if she is good. 🙁 Do you think this a friends’ conversation? I think it would be ok if she is his friend for a long time. But they just know each other 3 month at school, and i know how my bf is… he is kinda quiet and don’t usually talk to people that are not close to him. I don’t know what should i do now. Should I ask him? Or should I just keep an eye on it and find more proof before asking him? I know I was wrong when I went through his phone without his permit. But I was insecure. Please help!!!! 🙁

We have no problems. We love each other and I can feel his love for me. He care for me and want me to be happy all the time. We always have good time when we are together. We hang out almost everyday on our Spring Break. He also tell me that there are some girls at school like him and try to talk to him. He said he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t go there to find girls. He seem honesty about this. There would be nothing if i din’t go through his phone. Maybe I’m just too insecure.
I wanna ask him about this but I scare that he will get mad because I looked over his phone without his permit. Therefore, I didn’t ask him clearly about this. However, when he told me about some girls at school like him, I asked him is there any girl that he talk to more than other. He said not really. Then I ask do you think it’s right when you go out with another girl/guy when you already have a gf/bf (That girl or guy wasn’t a friend for long time)? And I told him I think it shouldn’t happen because it will make bf/gf sad, and he said he agree with me.
I think that I’m just over thinking. Maybe I should trust my bf more.
Thank you for all the answers!

I don’t think your over reacting and I think you are just being safe and nothing wrong with that. My fiance goes to school to and he doesn’t do that and he is quiet as well and only talks to certain phone calls to from his own family,or myself. I really get upset when he shares numbers with other females cause he has to at school but to be honest he speaks to them about home work and home work only. I am not saying he is perfect cause he is far off from perfection and he can be quiet and sneaky at the same time. But as for your boyfriend I think it is no problem to just wait things out and just watch, listen and learn. It would be better than to stir something up that probably isn’t there. I think he is a good guy but this certain female he should introduce you to or just stop the text but wait it out which would be better that way you would know for sure your not over reacting. No one knows how you feel but yourself but I can say I respect how you feel and I know it would kinda bother me to. Just be safe than sorry and don’t go crazy over it please cause he might just be a good person and you could be over reacting or he can be not doing right and it is not right either. I hope it works out but your best bet is to wait it out, watch, listen and learn..

I’m in college as well and the professors tell people to exchage numbers sometimes. I have an oder gentleman in my class who is in his 40’s and he texts me sometimes and I can tell that he sneaks to do it. He sometimes flirts with me. I think he likes this girl and he is talking to her because he is interested. She probably doesn’t even like him he’s putting his relationship on the line.

Considering what you said you saw on his phone it doesn’t seem like anything is going on. It seems like hes just trying to make a new friend. If he starts blowing you off & making stupid excuses then you should confront him, but otherwise I wouldn’t worry too much.

I think it’s just your imagination that is going crazy. Yes, he may be pretty close to this girl but maybe they are best friends? I know that with my best friends, I want them to like what I like and vice versa.

P.S.: If you truly trusted him, there would be no reason for you to go through his phone.

You honestly think he’s gonna cheat because he was talking to another female about cookies, movies and school?
You sound very paranoid

I think your over reacting I don’t think anything is going on

sorry what time zone are you set in? because my question is a lot more shorter than you and you seems like getting more answers…
maybe he’s bored,

Do nothing, nothing’s happening.

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