My 10 month old Rottweiler is in heat…?

We got her when she was 4 months and the people we got her from refused to give us her shot records or ANY other details- like if she was fixed or not. So we had to wait and see, and now we know! She started bleeding yesterday morning. I’ve already read up on how long it lasts, what to expect, etc. But I haven’t found any information regarding what she is going through physically. Does anyone know if she is in pain or anything? Being a woman, I know that menstruation comes along with backaches and cramps and irritability and all that good stuff but I also know that a dog in heat is NOT the same as a human’s menstruation cycle… So anyways- Is she in any pain and do you think it might be nice of us to toss her a few doggy aspirin? Thanks for your help!


She is not in pain and you do not need to give her anything it will pass. Rots have a very high pain tolerance. You defiantly need to have her shots brought up to date. You should also be feeding her dog food for big bone dogs because the rate of growth these dogs have she needs a very high protein food.

Your dog is not in pain at all.
No need to worry all you need to do is keep her away from males unless you want her to have puppies.
And you could also figure out what shots she dog has if you bring her to the vet she’ll have her own tag well she should at least.
Well you should go to the vet and figure that out.

A dog in heat is a bit different than a woman on her period. For a woman it means her ripe egg is being removed from her body. A dog in heat means it is reseptive to a male dog inorder to breed. A woman can get pregnant while on her period but not likely. A dog absolutely can get pregnant. And I do not believe their is any pain but there does seem to be a mood shift.

no dont give her aspirin, she’ll be fine… just save her the biggest headache of all and keep any male dogs AWAY!! Also make an appointment for her to get spayed before her next cycle.

Hasn’t she been to the vet since you got her? They should be able to tell. No she is not in any pain, no “doggy” aspirin needed. Please have her spayed asap.

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