More Proof Bush is a Liar intent on War Mongering?

Once again, Bush Co. is caught using fear and manipulation to make a case for further involvement (read: war) in the middle east:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A new U.S. intelligence report says Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and it remains on hold, contradicting the Bush administration’s earlier assertion that Tehran was intent on developing a bomb.

surprise surprise, his military industrial complex friends will have to think up of someone else to be the demon that they need to spend all that money on weapons for.

How many countries in the last 20 years have attacked oher countries. How many nations does China have its soldiers based in. Who has Iran attacked. How many has the United States governments overthrown. How many countries does the Soviet Union have bases in. What is the Helvey doctrine, what sdoies Assynmetrical wrfare agaisnt a antion have to do with ur foeign policy and sate dfep[artment? Anyone who says the US has been living in peace does not know a damn thing about nations political policys. All they know is while they were siting on their a@@ they did not care to look or take the time to get off that A@@ to inquire. A nation with military bases in over 130 other counties and total over 700 bases is a peacefull country. No country the US is in within Latin America has known peace for the last twenty years and many last 75 years. These are the ones who wave flags and don’t know why the hell we are goingt to war and just bend over to whatever they are told to bend over for. They are the ones who never question why anyone would want to blow towers up and accepts “oh they just don’t like being free” and sends others to war. The ones who believe only a few crazy americans are torturing prisoners. The ones who believe Saddams Iraq was cause for towers fall and that we found WMDs in Iraq is the Gods truth. The US has waged a complete Low Intensity Conflict against over 50 nations since 1951 and even Eisenhower was part of it. They are the ones who do not read history but parrot what others tell them to parrot.

Just how closely did you read the news article? From your accusation, not at all! You are quoting a story from Reuters, a news organization which has been anti-Bush from 2000, instead of the actual intelligence report.

The report claims that Iran stopped progress on it’s nuclear capabilities but is continuing in stockpiling it’s supply of fissionable material, which means it could continue it’s program of obtaining nuclear weapons at any time.

The full story noted by the intelligence report is that this is probably due to international pressure, LED BY President Bush, which has successfully slowed Iran’s progress to becoming nuclear capable, but only until approximately 2010. Which is only two years from now.

The article give Bush credit for slowing Iran’s progress to obtain the bomb, NOT lying and war mongering. Reuters has once again taken a sentence or two from the report completely out of context in order to denigrate Bush and his policy towards Iran.

Will you liberals EVER be able to go to the sources of the stories you quote and get the ENTIRE facts concerning an issue, instead of salivating over any slight against Bush?

Scary, no. But it’s hardly unexpected. Surely someone should stand up for the American people. I mean, Clinton was impeached over a lie about a stain on a dress. Let’s see:

Stained dress


Stained dress


Which one is more of a threat?

EDIT: But that’s just one side. I actually do agree with all three below me, because their points are 100% valid. I think all these situations can be avoided if people just learn to be open and share.

Love is the key to peace. Trade comes after.

Also there are worse leaders than Bush. Most are dictators, but I’m referring to the leader of my own country. He entered office unelected (except by his own party) only in the summer, and has already since then made a fool of himself by running a government that has accepted dodgy money, lost 25million people’s personal data, and thrown money into a floundering mortgage lender. He’s now facing the prospect of being visited by the police, too.

But no one told him about how his government is corrupt.
Give us a break, Gordon. You’re IN CHARGE.


Our country was stupid enough to re-elect a tyrant, the rest of we have to deal with it. I don’t need anymore proof/evidence, Bush is a bad guy. He’s nothing but bad news. There is very little Bush can do (in a detrimental sense) that will surprise me. Imagine if he had been president as the Cuban Missile Crisis took place- much of the world would still be radioactive.

Bush isn’t the worse of our problems. Our biggest problem is we have been Imperialists the last hundred years (with short breaks in between).

Our Empire needs to seek new enemies to sustain it’s defense budget. Chavez, Putin, you name them. We have to continuously identify “threats.”

Look at Ancient Rome’s history. They would identify “threats”; and “pre-emptively” attack them. History repeats itself. Bush’s legacy will be more along the line of the “Bad Emperors.”

I know this is appears to be unrelated to your question;but, it is very pertinent as to the condition of our country. I can’t recall a President that hasn’t intervened somewhere in the world militarily. Bush simply up-ed the ante; and he carries out our interventionism with less intelligence and restraint.

Yeah because there’s NO WAY, no WAY, that they could have possibly halted it in 2003, worried about the fact that it was out in the open and being monitored by U.S. intelligence, and found a way to somehow, in four years time covertly start it up again. Nobody would EVER do that. Please.

Good answer Big Jon – and I agree about the press, etc. taking things out of context and then the readers jumping on it.

However, I find it hard to believe any of them anymore. Not just our politicians but them all, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, etc.

Gee, It must be true because only the US lies, all other countries tell us the truth. But don’t worry, I can solve all your problems…Bush is out in 2008. Vote Hilary or some other liar in and I can be the one on here making asinine comments.

I tend not to believe Bush anymore.
as a rule.

Out of our hands.I find you pass scared and move on to resigned.

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