Is the 2000 decade the most depressing decade?

I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s and I can only remember good things from those times. However, the decade of 2000 is only filled with disasters, wars, and all sorts of problems. We have crappy music, crappy TV, a crappy president…and gas prices are off the roof! What is going on?

Not only is the pres “crappy”, the terriorists will punish us. Curious? If they were to kill bush, they would consider it a favor to all Americans! So they will punish us for electing a WARMONGER! Even after he steps out of the white house! Bush has pi$$ed on the hornets nest, and is making the rest of the world hate us. Lies propaganda and blank checks….. Jimmy Carter has Bush pegged, he should be impeached! If we could impeach Clinton for bs, whats stopping us now? I think there will be a second cold war. If trade stops with China, (who is getting pretty mad at us right now), we will plunge into a second depression!. It will be worse than the 30’s because people don’t know how to farm and/or provide basics for themselves. Lucky for this child of the 80’s, my husband and I both come from the farm.

Just my opinion…..

Welcome back! The 2009 Stanley Cup champion will be…the 1994 New York Rangers! That’s right…here’s how it will happen: Once signed to a one-year contract with the New York Rangers, Jaromir Jagr will become the pouty priss he had always been and demand a trade to the 1994 Rangers, because he feels they have the best shot at the Cup. In exchange for Jagr’s services, the 1994 Rangers will send 1994 Stephane Matteau and 1994 and 1995 Rangers first round draft picks (because there is no greater thrill for a Rangers fan than to relive the Christian Dube years)! In the ensuing seven game affair, the 1994 Rangers will beat the 1993 Toronto Maple Leafs (because karma and sheer redundancy of an East Coast team playing in a Western Conference add to the drama).

thats a really great question. I’m about the same age group, and lately I have been thinking very similar thoughts.

as a history buff, I’ll be the first to admit we got it pretty good in 2007. compared to the millions who lost thier lives in either world war, or starved during the 1930’s.

but to just compare the 1980-1999 era with the last few years, yeah… its crazy different, and its sad.

today our country is terror paranoid and kids go to bed praying terrorists won’t kill them or thier families in thier sleep.

gas & energy costs have gotten rediculous, and never again will we see $1 gas. people can’t pay heating bills.

rich are getting much richer at a furious pace, while the middle class can’t even survive on one income anymore.

a passport to get into Canada? never saw that one coming.

Iraq. whatever your political stand, its always heart-wrenching to hear about the numbers of dead piling up. so easy to forget each one of those “numbers” has loved ones whose world has seemingly came to an end.

no Star Trek series’ on TV in 2007. who’d guess it?

Katrina -everybody that knows anything about the levy systems, knew that day was coming. we still weren’t ready.

all this stuff… makes me homesick for the slow news days when all Dan Rather had to talk about was Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings.

World War 1 forged USA into the powerhouse we became, no longer a colonial state of farmers and traders. the last 7 years will help us in that same way, giving us tools to prepare for a very new world brought to us by technology.

thanks for the question.

I’m not being insensitive but perhaps depression is over whelming. We are going through a tough period, but we still have it much better than the majority of the world. The end of time ( or the end-of-the age) is upon us. The Bible in Book of Matthew: 24, tells us how things will be. It will only get worse, until Jesus appears on that Eastern Cloud to call His Saints home. THEN all —- will break loose.

Jesus offers Peace and Tranquillity, He is the truth not a lie. He is peace Satan is Chaotic. Give your burdens to Jesus and ask Him to come into your heart, then you will find peace.

Yes it is.More Americans are Dying in Unjust Wars with no end in sight.So many students in High School are getting STDS because Bush’s Abstinence program doesn’t work.Millions of Americans are losing their Homes.And the rich just keep getting richer.

1930s by a mile!

Great Depression, Dust Bowl (100,000 Americans starved to death), Sino-Japanese Wars (35 million people died!!), Stalin’s Great Purge (2 million people died), Spanish Civil War (a million civilian deaths), the beginning of the Holocaust (by the end of 1939, at least 50,000 Jews had been massacred in a handful of campaigns in Poland and the Ukraine), 10,000 indigenous people massacred in El Salvador; almost all of Europe was under authoritarian/totalitarian regimes; half the world was at war by 1939.

My parents grew up in the 1930s. Imagine having to kill the horse for shoe leather for the kids (only rich people could afford new shoes; everybody else had to cover up the holes in their soles with whatever they could lay their hands on), or having to send your kids out begging so you can feed them beans (nobody except the few rich people could afford meat). You have NO IDEA what it was like. I have some idea, because my parents told me what happened to them.

The decades of the Cold War were probably the most frightening. Having said that, the end of the cold war doesn’t seem to have brought many benefits.

Honestly, I’d have to believe the 1930’s were the most depressing because of the economic collapse, the “Great Depression”.

you think everything is bad, because that is all the liberal media feeds you. if bush cured cancer, the liberals would find a way to spin it — bush is causing too many people to live — making the population too big. the economy has had record growth and the unemployment rate is near record lows. oh, and we have foiled several attempts at other terrorist attacks

i believe the plague was the most depressing decade, you didn’t know if you were going to die or not. or better yet, hitlers era, ya know when 6 million jews died.

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