If Hillary wins and becomes president how long before?

1. Third graders are forced to memorize the It Takes a Village speech.
2. She declares herself dictator.
3. Bill dies in an unfortunate accident
4. Consevatives are rounded up for re-education camps.
5. The department of state health care declares all people above the age of 75 will be put under to save social security.
6. Janet Reno comes out as the real father of Chelsea and becomes the new first-transgender-lady after a grand wedding on the white house lawn.

Well let’s see. (1) about 2 weeks (2) 2 weeks (3) 2 hours (4) about 1 month (need time to set up the rail roads) (5) 6 months (need time to build the ovens) (6) about 3 hours. (they’ll want to wait a decent interval after Bills untimely death)

1. Third graders will have already memorized it… in second grade.
2. She will not declare herself dictator. She will however surround herself with people who treat her like one.
3. If this were to be Bill’s fate, I expect it would have happened long ago.
4. This needs to happen anyway.
5. Which state do you speak of?
6. You need help, you have control issues.

#1- isn’t a bad idea. It is a good book; #2- why should we have another dictator in the place of the one she will replace? #3-Bill Clinton’s family history is tragic enough. Longevity isn’t something they have been blessed with. It would be most likely from a heart condition and I hope not; #4- the US electorate will do that for President Hillary Clinton. Neocons will feel as neglected as they have made people with differing views feel for the past 8 years; #5- Bush’s inability to salvage social security will be one of his worst legacies, next to this senseless war; #6-Reno has parkinson’s disease. Are you going to make fun of her, too, especially after Michael J. Fox was trashed?

1. Don’t know.
2. How can she when bush is trying to do that already?
3. Don’t know.
4. They should be…
5. Isn’t bush doing that already by messing with Social Security?
6. How do you know she’s transgendered? Is there something YOU ARE NOT telling us?

The US Marine Band is already rehearsing “God save the Queen”so they can play it right.

Bill Oreilly will be arrested for sayig “It takes a family” after 3 days.

This is the kind of rumor-mongering I’m talking about.
None of those are even close to being proved.
They are rumors you’ve made up, exaggerating your own concerns and using them to undermine a Senator of the United States of America.
I’m likely to be called a liberal (I hate socialism), but your post is seditious. It’s wrong when done to President Bush, it’s wrong when done to Former President Clinton. It’s wrong when done with any elected official.

Darn it, Republicans, I have enough trouble policing my own party! Won’t you help with nonsense like this? Don’t just do it with the liberals in my party (but do face them, please!) Do it here, with those who hide under the banner of “republican”.

Face down anyone who puts their political party ahead of their country and respect for our elected officials.

Oh, do encourage their free speech, but use yours.
Do encourage protest, but expect respect.
There’s a difference.

Help patriotic democrats face down sedition, even if it’s one post at a time.

Let’s see patriots, first, not join the seditious people we hate in the other party.

I see you’re a Dick Cheney fan! Aww- lighten up… It won’t be so bad having Hillary as President. If it turns out you really CAN’T hack it- you can always move to Iraq & start the “rebuilding process” that Bush keeps talking about. We’ll be happy to see you off.. 🙂

You forgot:

7. She welcomes Chavez to the US in a new regime of cultural understanding.

The first 48 hours. Good call bro.

You forgot that she proclaims her true gender to the world!

Not long. LOL

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