If GOD gave us free choice, why do Christians try to take it away?

I had a hard time deciding whether to post this in R&amp:S or Politics…

It’s interesting to me that on social issues, many Christians (particularly of a conservative bent) promote that our freedom to choose be stripped of us. The 2 biggest examples are abortion and gay marriage.

Don’t Christians believe that, if indeed there is a god, he will be the ultimate judge in the end? Why, then, do they feel it’s necessary to have their hands in others’ business?

You want the other 287 examples of how Christians believe one thing and act in complete contradiction to those beliefs?

It’s not just Christians. It’s anybody that wields power and tries to make does make a theocracy, totalitarian state, or dictatorship.

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I agree, religion and politics should not mix, i hate that the “christian right” is trying to control the government

I maintain that the two groups you mentioned did choose and now do not want to deal with the consequences of their actions.

You make a very good point.

They tell us all the time about free will then turn around and try to legislate everything that they possibly can. It makes no sense at all.

Because they feel they are better and we should have to live as they do. Its crap. I wish for one day I could take their freedom of religion away and see how they like it.

They think god gave us free w,but law should take it away.

well, keeping Gods Word is very important to a believer and when they are filled to overflowing with it, they can’t keep it to themselves… they are just concerned with others’ salvation, which to me, is not a bad thing… but rather, something someone would do to show care and concern.

dude thats kinda true that like tottally happened to me too.

They have nothing better to do. So sad…

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