How would you contact your spirit guide?

I am a very open-minded person, but I find it difficult to contact or be more open with my spirit guide.

I just talk to my spirit guide and he answers sometimes in a dream and sometimes by other means. I actually have 2.

bobgelle this is only your belief!

personally I would say Jesus isn’t real!

don’t understand why people try to put people off such things when there beliefs are as equal.

(i would also like to contact my guide)

i am not sure but wish you luck on your question. i am giving you a star because this is interesting.

There are audio self hypnosis you can download that are excellent,It worked for me!…………….

According to what I have heard, people may think they have “spirit guides” or “animal allies” or “plant pals” or some such mystical mumbo-jumbo. Apparently you need to go on a magical mystery tour to find them, but that changes from person to person depending who you ask.

If you ask me, spirit guides don’t exist at all, so that’s probably why you’re having difficulty contacting one.

pray to GOD in jesus name.pray ti HIm that he will let you contact your spirit guide in dreams!this is simple but hard to achieve.just pray to GOD,it is lawfull and will bless you!

I would start by sending it a spirited e-mail, metaphysical beings love e-mail

Praying to Jesus Christ, my spirit guide.

There is no such thing. Find your One Spirit by asking Christ Jesus to send Him into your heart, and accepting His gift of forgiveness.

Bettie & Flossie, if the Spirit you are praying to is the Holy Spirit of God, sent by Jesus Christ, He is your protection and you don’t need any other.

contact your local liquor store

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