How reliable are Chevy Cobalts or VW Passats?

My fiance is really wanting a Chevy Cobalt or Passat. She is looking for a car and getting discouraged because there are few she likes in our price range. However the Cobalt is definitely in our range as well as the VW Passat which she also likes alot. My question is how reliable are these cars? Also how safe? Those are my primary concerns. I know the Cobalt is supposed to be known for transmission issues but thats all I know. She wants an automatic in both. I need all the information I can get so I can reencourage her please. Thank you very very much for any help.

these days, cars can be so bad from year to year who can tell anymore, I would go to and see which one is holding up better and go from there. Also there may be some reviews you can find in this is a good comprehensive website, if you do some digging there may be some customer comments on these vehicles as well as a forum that will discuss each vehicle and old or new may have links to articles and long term reviews from car magazines as well.

I bought 2007 cobalt LT 2- door 4 years ago and I believe you can find one around $7000. I’ve never had any problems besides regular wear n tear and I put all 69,000 miles on it! When I baby the car I get about 37mpg on open roads. I’ve never had a transmission issue with this car. I want a new car just because the cobalt feels old to me at this point but I love it so much I’m keeping it too! I usually trade in but will now drive 2 cars and that says a lot about the chevy cobalt 2 door LT model lol well atleast mine anyway. Good luck!

Really buy a foreign car!!! They will last longer and are very safe. Chevy Cobalt will get a rod knock once it hits 60,000 miles.

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