Guys, when did you hit your first growth spurt and when did you stop growing?

I’m ready concerned for my height. I don’t know if I’m a late bloomer, but I was generally a few inches shorter than my classmates. I had a really high pitched voice as well. I was even called a girl on the phone by someone who didn’t know me.

Just a few months after turning 15, my voice deepened and I grew up to my mom’s height. Now my sisters, mom and I are all equal in height at about 5’6” and my dad is 5’11.

I’m now 20 so I’m not sure if I’m done growing or not, but I’m the shortest guy my family and many other guys.

Even though I am 20, I look young for my age, I often get people saying I look 14 or 15, so that masks my short height. And I’m also very skinny too. I barely used to eat. I used to eat one or two meals a day.

My mom is telling me to eat a moderate amount (3 medium sized meals) per day so I don’t get fat, and to do more pull ups to grow taller. Which I dont think is the right way to go.

Any experiences with you guys?

I’m 15 and I haven’t hit my growth spurt yet, I’m only 5’1.

OP, i havent hit it yet hhh im 13


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