guys guys guys guys guys guys?

guys, if you had a girl friend but their was this other hott girl that you liked, and she liked you too, then would you still flirt with her? or what would you do?

Not flirt with her:total betrayal of trust.
Not one hair of my head would agree with that concept

I’d dump him asap. If he likes another girl and she him, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Real love doesn’t play games or have wandering eyes, it’s committed and hard work. You MUST see this as a red flag, a deal breaker, strike three. Your young, i’m guessing, you shouldn’t even be considering a SERIOUS relationship that is going to cause you insecurity. Have fun, don’t become overly invested in this, WHAT? you can’t flirt? Move on, the writing is on the wall and it spells trouble. Do yourself a favor and cut the guy loose, if it is destined to be, it will run it’s course and he’ll be back. But why you would take him back only you can answer.

Flirting is all but meaningless. The biggest (female) flirt I ever knew was 40 something, married with three teenage children, a bloke magnet, all the actual adult men liked her, even the men I knew were gay. I have seen her holding hands with her husband, so I don’t think she was straying. She went through menopause recently but it didn’t stop her.

A man will flirt with any woman who flirts back. Doesn’t matter if she is “hott” or not, does not matter if she is older or younger. Depends what’s between her ears. Doesn’t mean anything much.

If it was my life crush then I wouldn’t flirt with the hot girl at all

Do NOT flirt with her!!!! Nothing good can come out of that. And even if you dumped your girlfriend and dated the hot girl, you would always remember your girlfriend in a bad way.

When i’m with a girl i would never flirt with others. it’s not cheating but its not right. I would only have eyes for my girl.

Yeah, we’re guys, so we flirt. It’s usually harmless!

If my girlfriend is my dream girl, i won’t flirt with the other girl.

I certainly would feel flattered, but I would remain faithful to and respectful of my currant girlfriend.

one woman guy maybe next time if shes still interested or if she has a little bit of dough if you know what i mean

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