Cultures & Groups: Why is the society so obsessed with age difference when it comes to dating?

Why is it when some people hear about a older woman dating a younger guy it’s ok but if a man is dating a teenager, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is. he’s a pervert she’s being too fast or he’s taking advantage of her. What about judging the person on character and not about age? As long as the couple is happy, why even bother to care. It seems like every time a situation like this happens, people are so quick to judge because of their age. Why do people do that?

I completely agree with this. I HATE how the USA is so obsessed with ages and dating. I am 22 and dating a 16 year old girl. I would never do anything to hurt her. I’m not some pedophile looking for sex, I guess I’m just not as socially mature as the college kids I go to school with. I never go out drinking or partying, I just like chilling with friends.
All the time, I see someone on television or the internet making it seem like a horrible aweful thing for someone over 18 to date someone under 18. You could have two 17 year olds in love and as soon as one turns 18, it goes from romantic and special to disgusting and wrong. This is so stupid.
Whatever happened to “Personality matters most” ? I have a lot in common with my girlfriend. Her parents also approve of me. They”ve known me for a while and according to my girlfriend they love me because I’m not like most guys my age who constantly party and drink.
When you love somone and have a lot in common with them, age should NEVER matter. Everyone in the US is OBSESSED with sex. They assume it is always a part of a relationship. If you truly love someone, you should be with them. I think if they were to get rid of that 18 age of consent law and make it a parental consent, this wouldn’t be looked down upon as much. I’m not saying this because I want to go sleep with underage girls. I would go a lifetime without sex just to be with my girlfriend, that is how much I love her. As long as I’m with her, I’m happy.
I just think that since most americans are obsessed with sex or brainwashed by that law or the morale idea that has been engraved into peoples minds that dating under 18 year olds is wrong, the best solution is to get rid of that law.
I hope this helps.

are we talking about an underage CHILD dating an older man?

it becomes a ” who cares what they do” when the girl is of age (18+) at that age she knows right from wrong, has gone through more LIFE experiences and can make a better judgment on which guy is a perv and chick guy is not. Any younger than 18 and i call it wrong and i think any person thinking that its okay for an underage girl to be with an older man, their just as sick as the older man allowing this. And the same can be said if it was the other way around, an older women dating an underage man is just as wrong. But most people would assume the underage man, since he is a boy, is able to look after himself verses it being a old man dating a young female. Both are wrong but its definitly much more of a concern when its an older man. Men are alot more stronger than women, even women his own age so you know very well he would have no problem forcing the young girl to have sex with him and do god knows what else if he wanted to. The potential risks in a younger girl dating an older man are very high and this has a bunch of red flags all over it. Even 18 is young but at least at that age she is able to think better and more critically (or at least we hope)

Older women dating younger men are constantly looked down on by the mans family and vice versa. I do however think he’s a pervert. I mean seriously, old guys and young women having an actual connection? WTF can they relate to? They grew up in different generations with different beliefs. So yes, logic tells me he’s being a pervert. Same with an older woman dating a younger guy. She’s in it for sex. Usually a slut.

Well, the teenager is a minor, for one. That’s never going to look right to anyone.

What’s the age difference??

Dating someone old enough to be your parent or young enough to be your child is gross. Period. Whether the couple is happy or not doesn’t change that.

They judge them because they are not happy with their own lives.

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