Are Mexicans white or Native American?

My bestfriend just sent me some pictures that left me speachless of the mexican town she is from.

It’s interesting the way you asked the question. The first thing you have to realize is that terms like “white” and “black” are political identities as well as social identities. By this, I mean that the terms by which one is technically classified by the government can be different from those for society. for example, if someone looks white, but has a great, great, great, great, great grandfather that is black, the United States’ “one drop rule” deems them black, though most people will treat them as white until otherwise noted (of course the degree to which this plays out in politics and society has changed some between the 1700s and now).

What’s interesting, is that in many Latin- and South American countries do not use a “one-drop rule”, and subscribe to different notions of indigenismo, mestizaje, blanquamento, etc. all of which can be researched on the internet or in a multitude of books, etc.

The point is that Mexico had indigenous peoples, just like how the US has Native Americans. With the arrival of white conquerors and black slaves, the populations engaged in a certain degree of miscegenation (racial mixture/coupling/…). Because the United States had it’s own unique proportions of each “race” of persons (coupled with other facts including where the immigrants largely came from – England as opposed to Spain), the society there treated the idea of racial mixture differently than the people in other newly-formed countries.

The bottom line is that, just as someone in the United States may have a Native Ancestor from generations back that does not show in their phenotype (the way they look), the same is true anywhere. But looking at the racial makeup of Mexico following the arrival of Spaniards, as well as the social and political (sociopolitical) context of the area thereafter, it is pretty safe to say that most Mexicans have some combination of native, black, and white blood, though to varying degrees (hence the diverse-looking population).

In terms of how Mexicans are legally classified in the United States: We recognize that some Latinos (or “Hispanics”) come from Spain with little-to-no mixture of other races – they’re typically called White Hispanic regardless of how long their family has lived away from Spain. However, there was a famous case in American History where it was declared that Mexicans are not white (even the whiter-looking ones). This is what I mean by it being a political identity – though society may treat you as one race, the law ultimately factors in to justify or negate difference.

Sorry for being so long-winded

Most. They’re mostly of Aztec ancestry which is an indigenous group native to Northern Central America. People’s definitions vary on whether Mexico is North or central America though. Mexico (mostly Mexico City) actually has Asian’s, black and Middle Eastern (especially Lebanese immigrants). So there are non-white’s or non-European Mexican’s who aren’t indigenous. The majority of Mexico’s population is part white (Spaniard) and part indigenous though. There isn’t nearly as much ethnic diversity (although large cultural differences) among Native American groups so you could say that indigenous Mexican’s do relate to those of Native American’s (especially in the southwest).

It depends on the Mexican. Remember that Mexican is a nationality, just like American. There are lots of White Mexicans who are of European descent (normally Spaniard, but also Italian, Irish, German) and also some Native American Mexicans. The majority of Mexicans in the USA are Mestizo (mix of European/White and Native American) which is why people are so shocked whenever they see a full White Mexican. White Mexicans are the minority in Mexico (i think they are only about 10% of the population) but they do exist!

Alana A: U do realise that Spanish people are from Spain and are therefore White European?
Apple, Kid: Latino/Hispanic is not a race. It is an ethnicity, meaning that someone can be racially White and still be classed as culturally Hispanic (as is the case with the White Mexicans in the photos.)

Mexicans are citizens of the country of Mexico, and just like Americans, they are white, black, native, and even a few asians.

Mexican describes where they are from, not their heritage,

And Mexico was colonized by Spain and ruled by France for many years, there are many Mexicans of European descent.

Mexicans from the Mexcio City and up are generally caucasian but there are some caucasians living in southern mexico to.

The majority of caucasian mexicans are from Spain, and France.

They’re very diverse
Mostly a mix of Native Americans/European settlers
and some are look very native american and some others look mostly european (spanish ancestries).

mexicans can be brown white or even black depending on their ancestry

im not surprised that youre speechless. most mexicans in the US dont look anything like that(most are usually brown skinned). quite frankly I also would have thought they were white americans and Im mexican and I look white.

Both. That is the definition of Mestizo:

yet ANOTHER question about spanish and natives from the one obsessed. what is your problem girl?

Mexicans are not white. Mexicans are latino/hispanic ancestry.

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