Anyone Remember Colored Toilet Paper?

My mother and I were talking – and we ended up getting on the subject of colored toilet paper! Does anyone remember it? Where did it go? and why is it gone? We used to buy the Scott Brand Pink Pastel colored Toilet paper for our Pink powder room! I kinda liked the look of it!

Yes, and floral print. I miss them, too. I think they stopped making them because of the dyes.

Colorful Toilet Paper

Yes I absolutely do remember it. My mother bought the pink because that was the color scheme in our bathroom. I hadn’t thought of colored toilet paper in years! You get a star from me for asking a never seen before question.

Yes they cost more but were advertised to coordinate with bathroom colors. I also remember the toilet paper that had little roses on it. The colored paper cost more but guess some had money to spare then. In Morocco most public restrooms and hotels use pink toilet paper.

Yes, I remember colored and printed toilet paper, but because of health and safety issues due to the dyes used they went with the bleached white.

I hadn’t noticed that they were not available anymore. I’ve used white for such a long time I don’t even think about it.

Paper kitchen towels can be bought in all kinds of designs (tartan, spots, stripes, flowers, cartoon characters, seasonal patterns e.g. snowmen etc.) so I wonder why the coloured toilet paper has vanished.?

Andrex brought a multicoloured toilet roll out,so my wife bought a dozen pack which was on offer,first time I used it I looked into the bowl and the water was red,put the fear of God up me for a second,it was the dye from the paper,I said to my wife,we never had this problem when we used news-paper.

Three years ago I decorated my private bathroom in pink. I actually found pink t.p. at Walmart…..4 in a pack. I don’t remember the brand. I couldn’t believe they had it!! When I went back to get more it was gone and I’ve never seen it since. Luckily I still have one roll left and I have it on the t.p holder for show.

Yes, I used to buy a very pale green to match the bathroom suite. White is a bit boring but most people have now gone back to having white bathroom suites anyway so it still all matches.

We could never buy the coloured ones in the budget range. They have always been white.

Of course i remember it..We used the blue colored toilet paper and I was getting irritated . Till i found out it was the blue toliet pater.K2

Yes, I just happen to have an old roll of pink toilet paper.
Maybe I should Ebay it. =D

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