Why do you think President Obama has the highest approval rating, at this point, of any President in 20 years?

Despite the partisan divide, he is strongly supported by the majority of Americans. What do you think is the main reason? Economics? Foreign relations?


WASHINGTON (AFP) — US President Barack Obama, who is approaching his first 100 days in office, is enjoying the best presidential job approval rating at this point in 20 years, a new opinion survey showed.
The poll, by ABC News and The Washington Post, indicated 69 percent of Americans approve of the job he is doing, which is the highest evaluation in about two decades.

But the president faces a partisan divide. While 93 percent of Democrats approve of his activities, only 36 percent of Republicans do so, the poll showed.

Fifty-four percent say Obama’s doing a better job than they expected, far above former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton at their 100-day mark.

They got a 39-percent and 35-percent better-than-expected rating, respectively.
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How to housebreak a 2 year old crated dog that has been on Puppy pads for 2 years?

I adopted a rescue dog (2 Year old Mini Pincher) a few weeks ago and having problems.

The past owner basically kept this dog in a crate for 16 hours a day, and potty trained it only on puppy pads in a bathroom for 2 years. She was also beaten when she didn’t obey, from what I was told.

So now I have this dog and she is great except for one thing. She refuses to let me know when she wants to go outside. At first she would pee or crap in the bathroom only. I figured that was because of the puppy pads and the past owner keeping it in the bathroom. So I closed the bathroom door.

So now she craps or pees whenever I turn my back. I call it the sneak attack. Basically whenever I go use the bathroom, she sniff the door, and the next thing I know there is a nice little surprise for me somewhere in the house. She hides out in her crate because she knows she did something wrong.

So here’s what I’m doing right now:
1) I crate her. I work from home and have the crate next to me all day.
2) I take her out 3 times a day. (Morning time Pee and poo is no problem. Its later in the day is unpredictable.)
3) I give her praise when she does pee or poop. (that’s hit or miss because this dog has ADD or something. Any detraction breaks her concentration).

I hate crating my dog up all day but she has crapped and peed in my apartment and 2 other people’s homes we visited.

I really need a way for this dog to tell me when she needs to go out.

I tried doing the hanging bell on the door, and putting her paw on the door before opening the door to train her, but she stays away from it like its the plague.

I don’t care how this dog tells me she needs to go out. Bark, scratch, bring her leash., send me an email..ANYTHING, and I will take her out immediately. The problem is no warning at all.

I’m desperate at this point. I hate keeping my dog crated up all the time becuase I can’t trust her running around the house while I work.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks in advance!

BTW..what are your thoughts on Puppy pads?
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Why does Lilith have so many translations?

night-owl (Young, 1898)
night monster (ASV, 1901: NASB, 1995)
vampires (Moffatt Translation, 1922)
night hag (RSV, 1947)
Lilith (Jerusalem Bible, 1966)
lilith (New American Bible, 1970)
Lilith (The Message (Bible), Peterson, 1993)
night creature (NIV, 1978: NKJV, 1982: NLT, 1996)
nightjar (New World Translation, 1984).
night bird (English Standard Version, 2001)

Lilith is a mythological female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 4000 BC. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name Lilith at somewhere around 700 BC despite post-dating even to the time of Moses. Lilith appears as a night demon in Jewish lore and as a screech owl in the King James version of the Bible.
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How was coming out to your parents like? Telling them you were gay, lesbian, or bisexual?

a lot of people in my family are homophobic. i am not a lesbian per say, but i do believe love is blind, and gender blind. let’s just say i am bisexual. i have known since i was in the 5th grade. so…there is this girl i have been talking to, and i like her a lot. i like her spirit and her mind. needless to say, it will be a shock. like shaving one’s head bald, or getting tattoos, i did the bald head, but yeah. so…how do you really come clean and tell them? how was it for you? i know my parents will be like really, or that means your life will be harder, people, especially my folks make gay/lesbian jokes. i know i am border line as a bisexual person, and i often have to hide it. so…i have fallen for a girl, well i’m falling for a girl. i don’t care because i love her soul. i see past her gender. and because my parents are christian, and i am pagan spiritual it might be a problem. i have opened up about my faith, but my sexuality, not. how did you come out to your folks?
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Will the Miami Heat win 45 games this season?

They are 26 – 22 at this point and in order to win 45, they need to go 19 – 15 the rest of the way.
This is important only in that there has only been one team to ever win the NBA Championship without at least a .550 record and that was the 1977-78 Washington Bullets who went 44-38 (.538) in the regular season but defeated the Seattle SuperSonics in the NBA Finals.
In order for Wade to get any real consideration for MVP, his team would have to win at least 45 and most likely 50 games. (but not realistic to expect them to go 24 – 10 the rest of the season)
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