Neighbor s kids throwing stones into yard possibly at my dog?

I went to let my dog out today when I noticed four large white stones throwable distance from my neighbor’s yard. They have two small dogs themselves, and I’d hate to think they’d throw them intentionally on hurting my own dog. My dog is a large breed, and rarely barks at all, unlike their dogs. My dog will whine and wimper in excitement sometimes, and even try jumping the fence, but is never a neusance. I gathered the stones and I am wondering on how I should approach my neighbors about it.

I again have no proof, but how else could those stones get there, and why would anyone throw them in my yard? My dog isn’t an outside kept dog either. I’m confused and upset.
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My dog ate a twix candy bar?

I have a Pom mix wit silky terrior and shes about 9-10 pounds and bout a hour ago we got her under the bed eating my twix and she only ate have of it. I know chocolate can be harmful but i am a bit scared and keeping a close watch on her. the net wt. is 1.79 oz 50.7g. I am going to take her the vet if she start showing symptoms but does anyone know with any experience know if that’s dangerous oz for her size.
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What percentage of global warming deniers can t differentiate between weather and climate?

It seems like half the questions in the global warming section these days are ‘if global warming is true why is it snowing today?’.

What percentage of global warming deniers do you think don’t know the difference between weather and climate, local and global, or past and present?

Considering this figure and the small minority of people who continue to deny anthropogenic global warming (AGW), what does this tell you about the AGW denial movement?
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Do you think we will be able to destroy religion before it destroys the human race?

Very serious question!
During the Dark Ages, religion totally messed up ALL of Europe! Now religion has the capability of totally messing up the WHOLE human race or destroying it!

I really wish I was joking around here, but I’m not, I assure you. This is a all too serious question, and I really don’t know the answer. I’m hopeful right now, but I believe it could go either way.
What do you think?
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