is ur mom is like my mom..?

I am a high school junior livin with my parents(till I get out high school).my mom is always goin through my stuff while I’m not at work..I had a condom with me last time in my wallet &amp: next day she went through my wallet found it while I’m takin a shower.&amp: asked my why I have it &amp: she told me I’m suppose to throw it away &amp: she also tld me that she have a right to go through all my stuff.I wouldn’t mind if I was a girl but I’m a guy &amp: I dnt know why she act like that &amp: I also have a curfew and it 6.00pm!!!!!!!I’m also not suppose to havea gf either!!! is it juss my mom or every single mom is like that.?why she is sneaky &amp: concerned about my stuff..??why is she treatin me like a little kidd..??
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Where are all of the jobs Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi promised?

Unemployment climbs to 9.2%

Real unemployment with underemployment is somewhere between 10% – 25%.

Democrats/progressives promised that unemployment would go under 8%.
Democrats/progressives boasted about how many jobs their spending sprees would create.
There was supposed to be a “Recovery Summer” last year…

What went wrong?

How did Democrats/Progressives destroy so many jobs over the past 5 years?
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How do you view Europe? Americans please answer…?

What do you think of Europe? Do you like it? Do you think America is a better place? What do you think of the people there? What do you think of their culture? Do you ever get tired of the diversity here and want to know what its like to live in a place where you originally originated from and be with people like you with the same values and culture, and language? Do you ever feel that Europeans thing wayyy too highly of America with the whole land of opportunity thing, that its not as easy as it appears in movies and books? What do you think really about all of these things?

Tell me what YOU think!! Good or bad, happy or sad, I don’t care. I want to hear your opinion on all of these things and even if you have some reasoning that you know and have an understanding of between our country and all of the others, especially centered Europe, not latin america or asian countries or anything else, just America and Europe.

Thank a lot!
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Price for a babysitter?

My sister-in-law and I are debating on how much we should pay a babsitter per hour. Plus, do babsitters charge more for more children (2 vs 4). And is it more expensive if you have a baby in diapers?
Lastly, is New years eve a reason for a babysitter to charge more?
I live in NY and she lives in IN. I think $10-12/hour is the going rate for 2 kids. But she thinks it is much lower. Anyone help resolve this debate!
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